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Review: The Lip Bar Purple Rain Lipstick

I love the color purple! For me, it connotes femininity, elegance and somehow it symbolizes something mystical. I was even beyond ecstatic last year when Radiant Orchid was the Pantone color of 2014.


Source Image:

I was even thinking of incorporating the color purple on my church wedding next year…

But I never imagined putting purple on my lips. I am not that risky and adventurous. So there was a bit hesitation, no matter how I love the color purple, when a purple lipstick from The Lip Bar was included on my first Boxycharm.

But I admit, I instantly fell in love with the packaging!


Waaaay too cute!

It took me almost 3 weeks to finally try it. I only did it today because I am feeling blue (pun intended) so I decided to wear a lipstick at home. Everyone feels better with lipstick! 💄


A bit scary…
It is hydrating and leaves a nice stain on the lips. It lasts for hours.

I have been converted! Who would have thought that I will love a purple lipstick! The Lip Bar Purple Rain lipstick made me love the color purple a little bit more than yesterday!

It retails for $20 which is a price that is a bit on the high-end. However, The Lip Bar proudly says that their products are cruelty-free, natural and vegan so it’s worth it. You can check their website at

Pout your lips as you conquer the world. 💋🌍

From UK… from LOVE

Yes, you read that right. It’s not just “From UK with love” but it is also “From UK from Love”! I got a package from my big sister who lives in United Kingdom and my parents call her fondly as “Love”. I’m “Darling” and she’s “Love” when my parents are not mad at us, hehe.

I was so EXCITED!!! But it was not a surprise because my sister already told me what’s inside… and there’s a slip taped in front of the box for customs.
Drum roll, please!!!


2 Shirts for my husband


Unfortunately, the shirts didn’t fit my hubby. So, in short, they’re now mine too! 😅

Michael Kors sunglasses  


I love!!! I am a fan of super big shades. I can’t wait to wear these this summer!

Diesel sunglasses


I am so ready for summer! Bring the heat on!

Cath Kidston Kingswood Rose Mini Satchel


Isn’t this adorable! This purse is perfect for spring and summer! I am not a fan of flower printed things but the flowers here look a bit abstract. The black background made it also look classy and modern.

YSL Lipstick 


This YSL Rouge Volupté Shine lipstick was my special request and this is my first YSL lipstick! My sister, together with my nieces, chose Rose In Tension (#17) for me. I intentionally  didn’t swatch it yet so I can make a post solely for this one.

By the way, the purse and the lipstick look so good together! 

Am I the luckiest little sister ever!

Pout your lips as you conquer the world. 💋🌍 


Unboxing: MAC Wash & Dry Lipstick and Blush

If you’ve seen my previous post where I was announcing giddily the new MAC Wash & Dry collection, it was actually my first time to order MAC products online. I ordered online last Friday so for the last three days, I was, to say the least, restless

The feels…

Alas! It arrived today, on a Tuesday. There’s a mysterious black box right outside my door… And a lot more blackness when you open it.


Black is the new Black

I only ordered two products out of the collection. One was a lipstick, that is already sold out online, and the other one is a blush, my first ever MAC blush. Total pocket damage: $44.52 ($2.52 tax).

The Packaging

The tricolor packaging reminds me of their old collection, the Proenza Schouler.


Source: screenshot from

I find the packaging ADORABLE! The green, orange and gold combo of the MAC Wash & Dry collection reminds me of watching the sunset on a beach.

The Lipstick

The lipstick, Tumble Dry, costs $17.50USD.


MAC Wash & Dry lipstick in Tumble Dry is a lustre. I am not a fan of MAC lustre lipsticks. I am more of a satin-matte-amplified kind of a MAC girl. But the color of the lipstick looked intriguing online and I don’t have this particular shade yet. I knew that initially I will be disappointed. But in the spirit of “everything is a first time”, I will try to wear this proudly and with an open-mind. It smells like butter and is totally hydrating to the lips so I guess I’m starting to look at it with a glass half-full.

The Blush

The Hipness blush retails at $24.50USD.

No need to look at the glass half full or half empty. The glass is FULL and OVERFLOWING! I am in L❤️VE with this blush. It has a subtle gold shimmer that is not at all offensive. It is outrageously pigmented that even after a few minutes of rubbing it off, the swatch on my arm is still visible.


I should have gotten more from the collection, seriously. Especially the lipstick, I should have purchased all four! 😂

It will launch in stores on May 21, 2015. But you can easily go to MAC’s website to check this new collection.

***Featured Image is a digitally manipulated photo from MAC Cosmetics email***

Pout your lips as you conquer the world. 💋🌍

Email Alert: M·A·C Wash & Dry – The Laundromat is Open for Business!

I just received an exciting email a few hours ago about the new collection of MAC (Make-Up Art Cosmetics).

It is colorful and vivacious! Gotta have some!

The packaging is a wonderful reminder of summer! Give me some piña colada, please!

I try to restrain myself, aka, my credit card so I ONLY ordered two products. It was a total of $44.52 inclusive of tax and without shipping fee (jump high!).

The other shades are Creme d’Nude (which was sold out after a few minutes, gah!), Morange and Steam Heat.

I feel ecstatic with this! I haven’t bought any Mac blush yet and I’m dying to have one. The other shade of the blush is Crisp Whites. Cute name, isn’t it!

I have disappointed myself before for waiting for some time to purchase limited edition MAC products. This time around, I went ahead and dived in before they all got sold out. I don’t want to be left washed out and dried again, eh.

The Mac Wash & Dry collection will be available in stores on May 21, 2015.

Ready for make-up shopping?!

***All pictures are from MAC.***

Review: Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick

I have always been a fan of Revlon. There was a time that almost all of the make-up and beauty tools that I was using were from Revlon.

So I was excited to know that they have this new lipstick that a lot of people are liking very much.

The REVLON ULTRA HD lipstick is described on their website as, 

Revolutionary wax-free gel technology for true color clarity in one smooth swipe. Available in 20 high-definition shades.”

They got me with the “Revolutionary”! Revolutionary Revlon, why not!

I bought my first Revlon Ultra HD lipstick at Walmart for $7.97 while the other 2 are from Target for $7.99 each.


I love the transparent cap for it makes it easier for me to see the shade of the lipstick. But personally, I don’t like square lipstick caps because I tend to hit the lipstick bullet trying to figure out how to close or open it. It messes up the cap and the holder of the lipstick bullet. But then again, I’m also a bit of a klutz and probably didn’t do well with the shape sorter toys when I was a kid, lol.

This is my first Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick from Walmart
Orchid is a vibrant yet very wearable pink
Petunia is brownish red and is very pigmented.

My recent purchase, Primrose, is a perfect MLBB.

I find that all of them are very hydrating to my lips. Orchid is the most sheer among the three of them while Petunia is the most pigmented.

They wear off easily like a normal lipstick when you eat or drink but Petunia leaves a good faded color on the lips.

The consistency when it comes to re-application after it has faded is not the same. I find that the Petunia is the best among the three.

I obviously have all the praises for Petunia, my first lipstick from the collection, that’s why I opted to buy the other shades.

I’m thinking of buying two more of these lipsticks, Dahlia and Iris, based from what I saw from their website.

What do you think? Have you ever tried Revlon Ultra HD Lipsticks before?

Link to Walmart

Link to Target

***Other images (as indicated) are from***


Lipstick Love

I love lipstick! It is my favorite make-up. It instantly brightens my mood. It is the difference between me looking like a zombie versus looking like a lady.👻💀

I don’t have as much as others but I want them all to look organized. I have enough lipsticks to make me wear a different lipstick each day in a month, which I try to do.

I went to Amazon to look for a lipstick organizer. Woah! Cheap and free shipping! Hold your horses!

I ordered this last April 17 and I was surprised with the expected delivery date.

Oh well, free shipping and for $3.73 only! Beggars can’t be choosers. So I ordered two.

But lo and behold, I got them after 10 days.


The packaging is too small so I never thought that it will consist of 2 organizers.
All the way from China
The box is so thin.
So that’s why I heard something jingling inside the box…
One organizer is slightly broken
But the front is fine
The other organizer is perfect
Almost all kind of lipsticks can fit in here
This L’oreal lipstick doesn’t fit if you put it this way
I put it upside down so that it can fit
On my vanity table

Even if it arrived slightly broken, overall I’m satisfied with the organizers. First, they are cheap. For $3.73 each, that’s a steal! Second, free shipping, boom! Third, they arrived earlier than expected. And last, almost all of my lipsticks can fit in there.

Now I need to buy more lipsticks!!!




The Quest… The Haul…

A lot has changed since I last posted… Dry skin, check! Flaky scalp, check! Happy with a husband, check check! 😀

Yes, I’m officially living in the United States of uhMerikuh (that’s how I pronounce it, by the way). Ever since I got here, I’m on a quest to find new beauty products that will suit me on this weather. The products that I used in the Philippines don’t work here anymore for me.

While I’m working on my learner’s permit to drive, I have to contend myself with my most favorite hobby of all time: online shopping!

image from
image from
Drumroll please… For my first Ulta haul!!! Okay, it’s not a big deal. I didn’t spend hundreds of dollars on my first Ulta haul because the money ain’t my hard-earned, y’all! It’s my husband’s sweat at stake, y’all! Kidding aside, I try to keep it on a minimum just enough to get the free shipping sweetness.

Paid $53.50 (plus 4 freebies)
I saw this small Ulta box at my doorstep like they belong there as soon as we got home from a family friend’s dinner for us. On the same note, I was first appalled when delivery people here don’t wait for you to sign for your package, i.e. our TV stand ordered online, and they just leave them outside your door (not unless of course it’s jewelry).

The quest starts here…

Saved  $2.50
$2.50 each but you get half the price for the 2nd one

$1.99 each

And the quest ends here…

The next item is purely out of my desire to try this…


The freebies for getting the Lancôme lippie: an eye makeup remover & mascara (sweeeet)
But wait til you see the  “variety sampler”  samples I got from Ulta:

Zzzzzz … oh sorry, I fell asleep!
Well, they’re better than nothing, right?! No more complaints here!

And the fact that I spent more for my want than my need… HaRshtag sorrynotsorry😉😝😜


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