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Cutest To The Core

These Cute To The Core shoes are the cutest!!! 😍

I just bought a pair at Zooshoo and I’ll definitely wear them to work! 

Which one do you think I bought? 😉

I also got a coupon code that I am now sharing to y’all 💁🏻

Can’t wait to wear them!

Happy New Year!!!

It’s another year! It’s another season for sale sale sale!

Zalora would like to indulge us with our shopping cravings by giving free shipping on all of our orders until January 5! They are now on clearance sale so expect low low low prices. But if you’re eyeing this awesome pair of shoes that is not on sale yet (and it’s your first Zalora purchase), you can use this code for a 15% off from your purchase:


Guess who’s having a new pair of shoes? Aye aye! 🎉😍☺️🙋👠👡👠

Pay Day, Buy Day

“I deserve it, right?”, my conscience asked.

“Of course, you do!”, said Lady Echeboreche.

Regular conversation between me, myself and I. Nothing out of the ordinary. It’s just me convincing myself to go ahead and click the “Buy Wishlist”. Anyway, I need to buy a gift for my friend who’s turning 30 this month. Justified, check! And since it’s a Philippine holiday today plus pay day, traffic will be horrible! Horrendous! Que horror! And I hope I was just exaggerating!

I deserve a hassle-free shopping with the ease of one-click options and the convenience of cash-on-delivery. Lady Echeboreche says so.


I want to share my happiness to you so please go ahead and use the code below if you’re a Zalora newbie so you can get 15% off from your first purchase. Sweet!

This code is valid for first purchase of new customers only & for orders P1000 & above. It cannot be used on beauty, mobile, watches, sale items or gift cards. Brand exclusions may also apply.

*** I used Line Camera app for the stickers


This is how I do my beauty products review: Bare Naturals Seaweed Beautifying And Contouring Mask

– from my tumblr account

I love using a lot of facial masks before but went lazy when I started working. Putting on a facial mask after work seemed not appealing to me when done in the morning (night shift sucks!). So now that I’m in the mid shift and can sleep at night, I’m back to experimenting with facial masks.
I have read a lot about the brand Bare Naturals online and got interested first with their brushes. They are a Philippine-based company selling mineral products ranging from brushes, bath & body and cosmetics. (Check their website at ) But one boring night while browsing, I saw their facial mask and it says: “Seaweed Beautifying And Contouring Facial Mask with real Japanese seaweeds… Makes pore smaller, helps dry up acne, cystic pimples, rinse away blackheads. Makes skin supple and smoother. Makes wrinkles less noticeable.” A bit mouthful but you got me with the word beautifying, haha. I checked online if there are reviews about it and I saw a video in youtube (Check her video at She seemed convincing so I bought it for Php258.


20131008-030857.jpgLucky for me for watching that video because the product doesn’t come with any instructions. Upon opening the pot, you’ll see this light green cream that reminds me of a green tea flavored yogurt that I once ate at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. If you smell it straight from the pot though, it’s too minty that you can’t sniff it for a long period of time because it will irritate you. Good thing though that it doesn’t smell as much when it is applied to your face.

20131008-031020.jpgWith a clean face, I spread the product lightly all over my face. It stings a bit on some part of my face but it’s not too scary and it’s really tolerable. Then I spread more until it looks opaque. Wait for 10-15 minutes until it totally dries up.

20131008-031134.jpgThen I washed it off with water. Yeah, I didn’t peel it. I tried but I doubt that the product is meant to be peeled because it doesn’t come off that easily. So like in the video in youtube, I just washed it off. 

20131008-031235.jpgI have just used it a while ago. I had a pimple that totally dried up after using it. Helps dry up pimples, check. But it didn’t dry up my entire face. I really think that it brightened up my face too. So far, so good. I will try to use this mask before I go to sleep every other day or everyday if I don’t feel lazy.😛

I love discounts!

Unlike some women, I don’t treat shopping/going to the mall as a form of “exercise”. I don’t exercise at all, haha! Being lazy and all that, I became a fan of online shopping. I love online shopping not just because I’m lazy (lol) but I don’t want to go through the hassle of prepping (I hibernate like a bear on my days off) and I hate traffic (who doesn’t). But back in the jurassic age of online shopping, all they accept as a form of payment is thru credit card. May it be thru paypal, you still need a credit card. I don’t have a credit card. I refuse to have a credit card. Don’t make me. 😜
So I was beyond excited when I found out about Zalora and Lazada last year around the Christmas season because they offer “Cash on Delivery”. Oh, they trust me (and my neighbors). It was heaven-sent for a godmother of 20! (Yeah, I can run for a barangay chairman and will probably win because of my godchildren.)
I tried Zalora first then bought some at Lazada. But the kikay me prefers Zalora because of the wide-range of choices on shoes, clothes and beauty products. So far, I’ve bought myself a dozen pair of shoes (flats, wedges, heels, running), beauty products, clothes (blouse & shirt) and a pair of pants.

In my experience, they get delivered right at my doorsteps within 24-72 hours after ordering online. They always offer discounts not just at their website but they also give vouchers together with your Zalora box.
So being the ever-endearing godmother of all, let me share to you a 15% off
voucher code (that doesn’t expire!) that you can use:


This code is valid for first purchase of new customers only & for orders P1000 & above. It cannot be used on beauty, mobile, watches, sale items or gift cards. Brand exclusions may also apply.

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