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Cutest To The Core

These Cute To The Core shoes are the cutest!!! 😍

I just bought a pair at Zooshoo and I’ll definitely wear them to work! 

Which one do you think I bought? 😉

I also got a coupon code that I am now sharing to y’all 💁🏻

Can’t wait to wear them!

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I Know What You Did Last Summer 

As we bid adieu to September, I will try to give a gist of what happened to my summer-long hiatus on this blog. I am not going to spill everything (no TMI!), but I will mention here anything that I can think of that is beauty-related and blog-worthy to post.

Let me start with my firsts this summer…

First PINCHme Box


What is PINCHme? According to their website, what you do is “answer a series of questions about your household and shopping habits in the Member Profile. We’ll learn what you like and offer samples just for you.” They are free of charge, no shipping and handling fee and all you need to do is answer the questionnaire on their website set for each sample that you received. I’m sorry if my picture is quite an odd combination (don’t worry, the cheese isn’t a revolutionary facial scrub 😅). Like what I got, you can get a different range of products from beauty-related to food, two things I like 😆.

First Influenster VoxBox

Pictures I posted on my instagram ladyecheboreche for my “To Do List”

My first reaction when I got my I Do VoxBox was, “I do! I do love it!”. Who wouldn’t?!

So what is Influenster? On their website, it is “a community of over 1.5 million social savvy shoppers that: Stay on top of the latest product news & expert tips. Review products, share honest opinions with brands and the community. Test products for free based on social media influence.”

So like PINCHme, you will get to answer surveys for them to determine if you will be eligible for a campaign. For the “I Do VoxBox”, I guess the reason I got qualified was because I would go to a wedding (last August) when I got the survey around June or July. The VoxBox is free of charge as it is complimentary for testing purposes and you will have a fun “To Do List” to earn “badges”. They also have numerous contests that you can participate. I actually won something, ehem.

I love everything in my I Do VoxBox but two full-sized makeup products!!! Happiness, right?!

Covergirl Outlast Stay Luminous in Buff Beige, full size. At Ulta, it costs $12.99.
CoverGirl .12oz Outlast Longwear + Moisture Lipstick 920 Red Revenge, full size. At Target, it retails at $6.99.

You can get your own goodies at

Exciting summer for my firsts!

Now on the second part of this post, I’ll just show every beauty-related products I bought at Walmart, Target, K-mart, Trader Joe’s, Sephora, Ulta and Nordstrom.

Except for makeup. They deserve a different post. 😅

For the Hair…

For the Nails…

For the Face…


For the Body…

…and a Gucci perfume deluxe sample from Sephora

On my next post, it will all be about my summer makeup haul! 😅💄😜


Unboxing: Too Faced Cosmetics Mini Haul

Remember this? I got my order this week and I’m so excited to show them to you.


The sides of the box…  

Too Faced Shadow Insurance

This is my first eyeshadow primer since I don’t usually wear eyeshadow anyway. I heard a lot of good things about this one so I can’t wait to use this not only for my Too Faced eyeshadow palette but also for my new BH Cosmetics eyeshadow.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Collection

I heard about this palette first from “From Head To Toe” beauty blogger/vlogger then eventually, it seems like this palette has become  everyone’s must-have.


They also included a cheat sheet/tutorial on how to create different looks using this palette.


I will try my best to try one of these! 😅

I heard that they made some changes with the packaging. There were some complaints on how it looked so bulky and hollow. However I can say that the new packaging is sleeker and made out of durable tin can, or plastic, I’m a bit confused on what’s it made out of but I like it. I’m gearing toward it being a metal though.

So why chocolate? Besides that it’s made with 100% cocoa that makes chocolates, it also smells like cocoa! I want to eat it! When I first showed it to my friend who doesn’t wear make-up, she really thought it was a real chocolate before I opened the packaging!


The colors are so lovely!

The samples

This is their new foundation that will be launched on June 15.

I will use this first before using the full size that I just bought.

The Pocket Damage


You can never go wrong with free shipping and a discount!

Wish me luck! Hopefully I can pull this off!

Pout your lips as you conquer the world. 💋🌍 


Unboxing: BH Cosmetics Mini Haul

Remember my post about the BH Cosmetics promo? I got what I ordered online around two weeks ago but something else was needed to be announced urgently that day (aka the Too Faced Sale post) so this unboxing has been moved today.

BH Cosmetics has been popular for some time now in YouTube and several blogs. They are affordable and offer a lot of options especially with their eyeshadow palettes. So when they offered free shipping and free palette, it was time for me to board the ship!


Special Occasion 39 Color Eyeshadow & Blush Palette

I am in love with this palette! The blush palette already has highlighter and bronzer. The blushes are all pigmented and wearable.

The eyeshadow portion has matte and shimmer. I can see myself creating different looks out of these, from daytime to nighttime make-up.

First Edition – 120 Eyeshadow Palette


1 out of 120 was broken
Honestly, I was overwhelmed with all these colors! Some of them quite look alike but I haven’t tried them yet so I will leave my final judgment on a later post, with swatches and make-up looks.

The Mystery Eyeshadow Palette: BH Party Girl After Hours

I intentionally did not open this yet. I checked the YouTube first and images online. I think the Special Occasion will suffice so I’m thinking of giving this to my niece.

The Pocket Damage

Not so damaging at all…

So that’s my first BH Cosmetics haul. I will try to post their swatches and some looks that an eyeshadow noob like me can cook up. 😅😅😅

Pout your lips as you conquer the world. 💋🌍

Unboxing: MAC Wash & Dry Lipstick and Blush

If you’ve seen my previous post where I was announcing giddily the new MAC Wash & Dry collection, it was actually my first time to order MAC products online. I ordered online last Friday so for the last three days, I was, to say the least, restless

The feels…

Alas! It arrived today, on a Tuesday. There’s a mysterious black box right outside my door… And a lot more blackness when you open it.


Black is the new Black

I only ordered two products out of the collection. One was a lipstick, that is already sold out online, and the other one is a blush, my first ever MAC blush. Total pocket damage: $44.52 ($2.52 tax).

The Packaging

The tricolor packaging reminds me of their old collection, the Proenza Schouler.


Source: screenshot from

I find the packaging ADORABLE! The green, orange and gold combo of the MAC Wash & Dry collection reminds me of watching the sunset on a beach.

The Lipstick

The lipstick, Tumble Dry, costs $17.50USD.


MAC Wash & Dry lipstick in Tumble Dry is a lustre. I am not a fan of MAC lustre lipsticks. I am more of a satin-matte-amplified kind of a MAC girl. But the color of the lipstick looked intriguing online and I don’t have this particular shade yet. I knew that initially I will be disappointed. But in the spirit of “everything is a first time”, I will try to wear this proudly and with an open-mind. It smells like butter and is totally hydrating to the lips so I guess I’m starting to look at it with a glass half-full.

The Blush

The Hipness blush retails at $24.50USD.

No need to look at the glass half full or half empty. The glass is FULL and OVERFLOWING! I am in L❤️VE with this blush. It has a subtle gold shimmer that is not at all offensive. It is outrageously pigmented that even after a few minutes of rubbing it off, the swatch on my arm is still visible.


I should have gotten more from the collection, seriously. Especially the lipstick, I should have purchased all four! 😂

It will launch in stores on May 21, 2015. But you can easily go to MAC’s website to check this new collection.

***Featured Image is a digitally manipulated photo from MAC Cosmetics email***

Pout your lips as you conquer the world. 💋🌍

Email Alert: M·A·C Wash & Dry – The Laundromat is Open for Business!

I just received an exciting email a few hours ago about the new collection of MAC (Make-Up Art Cosmetics).

It is colorful and vivacious! Gotta have some!

The packaging is a wonderful reminder of summer! Give me some piña colada, please!

I try to restrain myself, aka, my credit card so I ONLY ordered two products. It was a total of $44.52 inclusive of tax and without shipping fee (jump high!).

The other shades are Creme d’Nude (which was sold out after a few minutes, gah!), Morange and Steam Heat.

I feel ecstatic with this! I haven’t bought any Mac blush yet and I’m dying to have one. The other shade of the blush is Crisp Whites. Cute name, isn’t it!

I have disappointed myself before for waiting for some time to purchase limited edition MAC products. This time around, I went ahead and dived in before they all got sold out. I don’t want to be left washed out and dried again, eh.

The Mac Wash & Dry collection will be available in stores on May 21, 2015.

Ready for make-up shopping?!

***All pictures are from MAC.***

Clothes Clothes Clothes

I left a lot of my clothes, shoes and bags when I moved here in the US. I miss my stuff but I didn’t want to spend a lot on airport baggage fees.

To simply put it, I need clothes. I can live, for now, with the bags and shoes that I have. So far, to shop for clothes, I already went to Macy’s, JCPenney, Kohl’s and Gap. I couldn’t bring myself from shopping too much because I don’t have a job yet. But with the clothes that I bought recently, I find myself choosing more “classic” designs and less trendy. Gone are the days of my flashy color tops and dresses.


My husband got himself a Macy’s Card when we first shopped together there. He was able to get an additional 20% off from our purchases for that day.

What I wore on my wedding: Calvin Klein jacket and a simple white knee-length dress
What I was supposed to, but did not wear, on my reception: a Calvin Klein dress and a black jacket. I returned the dress because I didn’t think it suit me

I like the lace details of this blue quarter-sleeves blouse
You can never go wrong with a black blouse. I pair this with black skinny jeans and brown boots.


The nearest JCPenney at our house is inside the local mall and the choices are limited. You see, in the Philippines, malls are humongous and are almost always crowded so shopping here was different to say the least.

It was on the clearance shelf and I got this for $9!!! Woah!
I like boho-chic tops… and blue and loose!

I like the embroidered details and the bluish purple color of this top


I like shopping at Kohl’s. Our local Kohl’s may not be as big as our Macy’s but I like their rewards program, the Kohl’s Cash. 

I got this on sale too. I haven’t worn this one yet but I can see myself wearing this with a black skinny jeans with white loafers
I like the longer back detail

I love star designs and this one comes in blue too. But I thought, it was too “wizardy” so I chose the gray one. It’s funny because my husband thought that this was a sleepwear.
I bought this because, again, it’s blue and I like the cute anchor prints.

Up close… ahoy!!!
Another blue and bohemian top to add to my closet
I love the geometric designs
I don’t wear sleeveless, due to my insecurities, so a black cardigan is a must for me so I can wear my other sleeveless dresses and tops

We bought this during winter and I love the assymetrical cut on the collar. It is sexy yet subtle.
This pair of Levi’s Jeans is the only pair of pants that I have bought so far.


I haven’t bought anything from Gap before so this was a first. Gap products are a lot more expensive in the Philippines.

I got this on clearance and the picture doesn’t depict its real color. This one has a bit of bluish and purplish shade on it.
See the bluish hint? The price of $19.99 was even cut lower to 30%
Of course, I need another one because it was on sale! This gray one is a good neutral top to wear with jeans.

That’s it, so far, and hopefully not the last, lol.😂😅

But to end this post in a nice note, I’ll show you something that I purchased from Fort McHenry. 


the land of the free…
…and the home of the brave


My Ulta Mini Haul and Gran Turismo

Weird title, right?

It started with not being able to watch Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Another weird connection. 

The AMC Theater is near Ulta so I asked my husband if we can go there instead. I have purchased from Ulta’s website before but I haven’t been to their actual brick-and-mortar store.

But it was only for $36.53… with tax!
The first thing that I saw was the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette. So did I get it?

Nah… My goal was to get any drugstore make-up. The cheaper, the better.

I always wanted a new blush so I got this from Physicians Formula because of the great reviews that I’ve seen so far:

Physicians Formula blushes are so pretty! This retails at $12.99.
I already have a Physicians Formula blush that I also love…


Bought this one at Target… Love Love Love the design!
The  next goal is to buy tweezers (that I thought I already bought at Target. Read my booboo here).


I’m loving the Revlon Marchesa beauty tools lately. This pair of tweezers is $10.49.
But then I saw an equally cute nail clipper, so I picked it up too…

Revlon Marchesa Nail Clipper for $4.99

Honestly, I already have cute old nail clippers and tweezers, and are still usable, but I just like the Marchesa designs of Revlon that I couldn’t resist buying them…

My old but pretty nail clipper
My old but sexy tweezers… woot woot!

And of course, I couldn’t go anywhere else without buying a lipstick…


NYX Matte Lipstick in Whipped Caviar for $5.99

Nyx Matte Lipstick in Whipped Caviar got me whipped!
Whipped Caviar swatch… possibly my new MLBB

So where is Gran Turismo? Well, when my husband saw that I bought make-up, he said he’ll buy something for himself too.

He bought Gran Turismo for his PS3 because he said it can help me learn how to drive too…

I am a driver noob
I don’t know about thaaaat but I thought it was sweet so I volunteered to wait for the game to install while he sleeps (as he has an army training tomorrow).

Why I’m blogging at midnight…
The things you can do for love. 😂❤️



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