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Email Alert: Too Faced Memorial Day SALE

Who doesn’t love SALE??? Who doesn’t love FREE SHIPPING???

I am a sale-free shipping lover so here I am again…

I got this email a few minutes ago then my credit card flew from my wallet like Flash who needs a bathroom break!

You know I have to… You know it… 

I have been dying to have this! Now I’ve been resurrected, halleluiah!

Of course, I need this too…

Final shopping list with samples…    

Total pocket damage…


This blogging is making me into a shopaholic! (excuses)

***All photos are from Too Faced Cosmetics ***

Pout your lips as you conquer the world. 馃拫馃實


BH Cosmetics SALE ALERT:聽It’s Time For FREE Eyeshadow Palettes + FREE Shipping!

I got this message in my email yesterday…

So I said…

You know I had to buy these…
I always want to try BH Cosmetics because I heard a lot of good things about them. I know I need a lot of practice with my eyeshadow application so these will be the right palettes to use without breaking my heart aka wallet.

All of the BH Cosmetics photos are from their website.

Pout your lips as you conquer the world!馃拫馃實


Email Alert: M路A路C Wash & Dry – The Laundromat is Open for Business!

I just received an exciting email a few hours ago about the new collection of MAC (Make-Up Art Cosmetics).

It is colorful and vivacious! Gotta have some!

The packaging is a wonderful reminder of summer! Give me some pi帽a colada, please!

I try to restrain myself, aka, my credit card so I ONLY ordered two products. It was a total of $44.52 inclusive of tax and without shipping fee (jump high!).

The other shades are Creme d’Nude (which was sold out after a few minutes, gah!), Morange and Steam Heat.

I feel ecstatic with this! I haven’t bought any Mac blush yet and I’m dying to have one. The other shade of the blush is Crisp Whites. Cute name, isn’t it!

I have disappointed myself before for waiting for some time to purchase limited edition MAC products. This time around, I went ahead and dived in before they all got sold out. I don’t want to be left washed out and dried again, eh.

The Mac Wash & Dry collection will be available in stores on May 21, 2015.

Ready for make-up shopping?!

***All pictures are from MAC.***

Email Alert: Macy’s Pop Up Sale

I promised my hubby that I won’t ask him to buy me another purse EVER  again when he bought me this…

Coach bag’s original price: $275. Got it for $105!!! I love sale!
Well… That’s what I said too last month when I bought this…

Steve Madden purse originally for $99 but was on sale at Macy’s so I got it for around $40ish
But I guess I have to let go of this tonight (boohoo)…

Click the picture to lead you to the pop-up sale
Have fun shopping! I just want to tell you guys this good news just in case you haven’t received the email (while I sulk due to sadness 馃槗 lol).



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