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Unboxing: Too Faced Cosmetics Mini Haul

Remember this? I got my order this week and I’m so excited to show them to you.


The sides of the box…  

Too Faced Shadow Insurance

This is my first eyeshadow primer since I don’t usually wear eyeshadow anyway. I heard a lot of good things about this one so I can’t wait to use this not only for my Too Faced eyeshadow palette but also for my new BH Cosmetics eyeshadow.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Collection

I heard about this palette first from “From Head To Toe” beauty blogger/vlogger then eventually, it seems like this palette has become  everyone’s must-have.


They also included a cheat sheet/tutorial on how to create different looks using this palette.


I will try my best to try one of these! 😅

I heard that they made some changes with the packaging. There were some complaints on how it looked so bulky and hollow. However I can say that the new packaging is sleeker and made out of durable tin can, or plastic, I’m a bit confused on what’s it made out of but I like it. I’m gearing toward it being a metal though.

So why chocolate? Besides that it’s made with 100% cocoa that makes chocolates, it also smells like cocoa! I want to eat it! When I first showed it to my friend who doesn’t wear make-up, she really thought it was a real chocolate before I opened the packaging!


The colors are so lovely!

The samples

This is their new foundation that will be launched on June 15.

I will use this first before using the full size that I just bought.

The Pocket Damage


You can never go wrong with free shipping and a discount!

Wish me luck! Hopefully I can pull this off!

Pout your lips as you conquer the world. 💋🌍 


Email Alert: Too Faced Memorial Day SALE

Who doesn’t love SALE??? Who doesn’t love FREE SHIPPING???

I am a sale-free shipping lover so here I am again…

I got this email a few minutes ago then my credit card flew from my wallet like Flash who needs a bathroom break!

You know I have to… You know it… 

I have been dying to have this! Now I’ve been resurrected, halleluiah!

Of course, I need this too…

Final shopping list with samples…    

Total pocket damage…


This blogging is making me into a shopaholic! (excuses)

***All photos are from Too Faced Cosmetics ***

Pout your lips as you conquer the world. 💋🌍


It’s an organized chaos and it took several takes to get the perfect image. Whew!

***Using iPhone 6***



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