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First Glamourbox: unboxing

I just received my first Glamourbox 5 days ago and I have mixed emotions on this. First, it’s a bit more expensive than the BDJ box; Glamourbox is Php595 while BDJ box is Php580. I know that it’s a mere Php15 difference but I was perplexed when I was charged an additional 10-15 pesos on my debit card like I just made an international charge. Well, I didn’t dispute it and just moved on.

So let’s cut the intro and see for yourself if it’s worth Php595 (600-ish for me).

The box of Glamourbox is a bit bigger than the BDJ box (must be the Php15 difference, lol)

For December, Glamourbox’s theme is “Secret Santa”… I think I was nice the entire year… Really, I am.

On the other side of the card is the list of box’s contents

Do not be deceived though; read it carefully. The prices are for the full-sized version of the products included on the box. The only full-sized product on the box is the Avon perfume and honestly, I’m quite surprised of its price… a whopping Php1500. Really???

I’m not a fan of Avon perfumes but the Only Imagine smells really nice that I might even try using it. I also like the pink and purple packaging and the fluffy purple tutu that I thought was a scoungie.

I also find the necklace from Fabulosa very cute and I think it will look nice to wear on a Christmas party/dinner. It’s a good conversation starter due to its gift-shaped pendant. This is a plus on Glamourbox because I haven’t gotten any kind of jewelry yet from my BDJ box.


I’m a fan of liquid bath soaps so I’m happy to get The Cream Factory’s Bath Cream (221ml). But I almost gagged when I first used it due to its overwhelming scent.


I’m quite satisfied too with the Holika Holika Pure Mellow Multi Puff; a cute purple dupe of the Beauty Blender’s famous sponge:

I also can’t wait to try these 2 samples from Paula’s Choice:


I have been using BB cream for a year now instead of the usual L’oreal True Match Foundation that I used before. I would love to try this Holika Holika’s CC cream (I-dont-understand-Korean ml) for a change:


And lastly, the only product that I will definitely not use (and that’s because I don’t cook, lol)… Giving it to my mom at this very moment… Zen Zest Kitchen Fragrance in Choco Cappucino (50ml)


I would have loved love it if there is a make-up included on the box. Fine, it has the make-up sponge but a lippie inside the box won’t hurt, right?

Review: Shiseido True Eye Shadow Maquillage in PK 363

My previous post tells you that (woohoo!) I just won a Shiseido Eye Shadow from BDJ Box. Thankful as I am, I’m not really a fan of putting any eyeshadow to myself. The first time I bought an eyeshadow palette was from Revlon and that was 6-7 years ago. I just recently bought an eyeshadow palette from Sephora because it is from their Hello Kitty line (and I loooove Hello Kitty). Besides being lazy & not so efficient in putting any eyeshadow on, my eyelids aren’t good blank canvass; they hardly show the true colors of the eyeshadow. Let me show you why:

There you go. I’m a panda incarnate. Correction: A brown panda incarnate. Add the fact that I “lack hair”, as my officemate has put it kindly, I am a hairless brown panda. My eyelids are so brown that even when I was a kid, some people had asked me if I was wearing any eyeshadow. The dark undereye circles just worsened as I got older. So this dilemma has made eyeshadow as my least favorite make-up and that’s why I don’t purchase any as much as I do with lippies. Most of my eyeshadow palettes were given to me as gifts and this Shiseido eyeshadow is the most recent “gift” that I received.

I paid Php50 last Friday for the shipping fee instead of going directly to BDJ’s San Juan office. No one at the house has even informed me that it has been delivered yesterday, Saturday. I just saw this on the table right in front of our main door:


It’s mine! Discovered it at around 4 in the morning today, I was so excited to open the package that I just had to stop myself from squealing so as not to wake everyone.


Slowly but surely, eh?

Well… my name was mispelled. But who’s complaining, right! I got the PK 363 set which I like the most out of all the available palettes that they have when I checked the Shiseido website. Another woohoo! The instructions on the back are in Japanese (Nihongo if I’m not mistaken?) but the diagram is pretty much understandable.

I like the subtle pink and muted gold of its packaging. It can also easily fit on anyone’s makeup kit (as seen on the size comparison with my bb9360).



The diagram/guide is a good must-have especially for the make-up newbies.

The brushes are standard but I particularly like brush #4 that is meant to be used in putting the darkest shade to serve as the eyeliner. I think I can re-purpose this brush when I use my pencil eyeliner for blending.

Here are the swatches on my arm and how it looks up close when used:


Except for the #5 shade that will be used for the undereye, all of the shades are shimmery.
Now let me try them on. Yeah, on a Sunday morning, why not! To prepare, I blot any excess oil on my eyelid then put something on to tone down the brown. I don’t need to put any primer since I’m not going anywhere at 5 on a Sunday morning.

Big improvement right? Now here’s my right eye ready for battle with the Shiseido eyeshadow on my lid, Maybelline The Rocket mascara on my lashes and Cover Girl on my brows:

I had a trouble with the falling glitters that I had to use a make-up remover to clean them off. I think I forgot to tap the excess before putting them on. It took me 3x to reapply shade #2 for it to show on my lids; the curse of the panda eyes.
My favorite is shade #3 because I think it’s the most pigmented color for my lids.

Overall, I think it’s a good buy for an everyday look. The colors are subtle and you can easily mix & match them with your other eyeshadow. It also doesn’t have an overpowering smell; just a little woodsy scent if you sniff directly on the palette. It may be a bit pricey though because I saw on ebay that the price ranges around $40-50.

Thanks to BDJ Box for this awesome prize!

You win some, winsome ⭐️

Have you ever won anything before? Not just bragging rights but winning an actual thing? Eventually, I’ll WIN the lottery (optimism to the nth level!) but for now, here’s the list of what I’ve won so far (as far as I can remember):

⭐️ A Blue Pong Pagong Tote Bag (not the actual picture of the product that I won)

I was in Grade 4 when we had a field trip at Shangri-la to see the Batibot live show. Batibot was the counterpart of Sesame Street and Pong Pagong, for me, was the counterpart of Big Bird. Pong Pagong was this big adorable turtle who loves to play and sing with the kids.

So how did I get the priceless blue tote? I simply raised my hand to volunteer to sing the Batibot theme song at the stage. Fearless. I got the bag because I was fearless. And a little cheating on the side, guilty as charged. My younger brother, together with my older sister as a chaperone, went to see the show a day before my class’ field trip so my sis told me to memorize the song. Well as karma had decided to turn its wheels against me, I wasn’t able to use the bag because my mom decided to give it away. All that fearless singing and cheating for nothing. Karma.

⭐️A John Legend CD (not the actual picture of the product that I won)

Working barely for a year on a graveyard shift, cable tv was my go-to entertainment on my weekdays off. You work at night and your rest days are in the middle of a regular work week, argh. So there I was alone, channel surfing, when I saw this chatroom-like channel where you have to guess a song and you’ll win a John Legend CD if you’re the first one to answer correctly. I had a losing streak in high school (must be the Pong-Pagong-tote-bag-curse), not winning even at the cake raffle no matter how many tickets I buy (I love cake), so I tried my luck to get myself a free cd. I wasn’t even a fan but I somehow like his song “Ordinary People”.

I won, woohoo! But the moderator guy of that station, whom I was supposed to claim my prize from, started texting me in a creepy flirtatious way. Na-ah, thanks but no thanks. I probably won not because of my non-existent John Legend trivia prowess. I probaby won because my avatar was a picture of my smouldering eyes with dark smokey eyeshadow. Errrr.

⭐️Spongebob Squarepants pillow and Salt & Pepper containers (not the actual picture of the products that I won)

Things that I won for selling specific products at work.



⭐️ A two-burner gas stove (not the actual picture of the product that I won)

It was technically my first time to win any raffle with only pure luck to back me up. I got qualified for the raffle together with the other poor unfortunate souls who were scheduled to work on a New Year’s Eve.

⭐️ True Eye Shadow Maquillage from Shiseido

I just got an email yesterday from the BDJ Box that I won for my blog entry showing the unboxing of my August BDJ box. It was my first BDJ box so getting something out of it, besides the Shiseido products on the box, was sweeeeeet!

I will make a review of this loot once I receive it. I’m beyond excited!

Next on my winning list is winning the lottery (but gotta learn how to bet first).😜

Mistake Proofing

So apparently I won’t be getting any BDJ box for November because I inadvertently chose “Send as a gift” that’s why I got 2 boxes for October. They considered my September 9 subscription as another October subscription (which I thought will be for the November box). Honestly, it is still quite confusing because if it takes almost 2 months to get a box (as indicated on their website), why did I still get another October box even if it was already September. Anyhooo, they offered for a refund if I return the box. Since I don’t want to go through the hassle of shipping it back (I’m too lazy to return online purchases), I just shared the love to family and friends. I also asked if I can still subscribe for the November box. I’m willing to pay anyway because I just want that November box. Rona of BDJ box said that the November box is no longer available. No empathy and such. No considerations. It’s not like I’m asking for a freebie, na-ah. I just felt off because the email responses I received were quite “transactional” and a bit dismissive as if they were canned responses with no emotions. I’m not expecting for an apology but I’m expecting for at least an empathetic reply (apology vs. empathy: see the difference) even if I will still end up not getting the November BDJ box. I felt like I was such a dunce after reading the email. Customers should not feel stupid (even if they are, like me). Customer Service 101.

Hopefully, they will be able to develop a system wherein before finalizing the purchase, the subscriber will be able to know the month/s that s/he will be subscribing to. And that my dearies is called Poka Yoke. Currently, you have to email them to verify this information which is a waste of their time and resources. It would have been easier if the information is readily available online. And that my bellas is called Lean Thinking.


So for next month, I’ll just take my bitter pill.
Go ahead and post online the unboxing of your November BDJ boxes.

Lady Echeboreche is a Queen of Extreme

I finally got my October BDJ box! I was completely surprised because I didn’t receive any email that my beauty box was on its way.
I was more surprised that I got two boxes! Then, I just died and went to heaven when I saw what’s inside the package. Make-up!
After being revived from my sudden death, I opened the 2 boxes thinking that the contents were different from each other, just like the September BDJ box. Then my feeling of elation changed to curiosity when I found out that they are exactly the same. I’m not sure why I got 2 BDJ boxes. I already emailed their customer service to ask why. I received an Out of Office reply saying that they’ll be able to reply to my message on October 17. Let’s wait and see... (Update: Mistake Proofing)

Going back to my October goodies, BDJ box’s theme for this month is “Express Yourself Fearlessly”. Fierce.
I like BDJ box’s teasers. For this month, their teaser is “Which Type of Girl Are You?”. My friend and I were having a hard time guessing what products we’re going to get for October. Well, it’s a wonderful mind-game and I never imagined that we’ll be receiving Maybelline products. But I did tell my friend that it got something to do with make-up. T’was a lovely surprise! I am quite a make-up junkie (and I had to laugh so hard when BDJ thinks I’m the Queen of Extreme. Because I am, *wink*).

The box for this month consists exclusively of Maybelline products. The boxes are of 6 variants and I got the Queen of Extreme. So far, I saw 2 other types in instagram; Wild Thing and Femme Fatale. Others have different mascaras & lippies. Some have different eye makeup.

So to my fellow royal beauties, here are my Maybelline haul fit for a Queen of Extreme:







I am particularly excited with the Volum’ Express Rocket mascara because I read a lot of good reviews about it and it is one of their new products.

And of course, it wouldn’t be a BDJ box if it doesn’t have a voucher. Plus, they also included a Maybelline Card:


I always get my money’s worth with my BDJ boxes. Total value of all the products is Php 1973 (I don’t know how much a Maybelline make-up remover is so the voucher’s price is not included). For all of these, I only paid Php 580 on their website. So that’s Php 1393 worth of free goodies! 😍

Can’t wait to try them all! ❤️

Unboxing of my first BDJ box (August BDJ box)

– posted it first on my tumblr account

I received my August BDJ box on September due to the bad weather so I was really excited when it was delivered to my house on a Sunday morning.

It’s a Shiseido box! I got “deluxe” sized products (aka samples) from their new Ibuki line.



I gave away 3 of these stickers to my officemates.


I personally used 6 out of 8 of these products:






I gave these 2 to my mom:


20131007-101937.jpg I decided to take a picture of each item beside the price of the product (regular size) just so I’ll know how much I’ll shell out if the product works for me. 👍 Well so far I love the products that I’ve tried. They all smell really great; talk about luxurious but not overpowering.
My favorites are:
❤️ Eye and Lip Makeup Remover – it is not oily so it doesn’t cause any breakouts. One drop is enough to remove makeup easily and it makes my face soft and clean.
❤️ Eye Correcting Cream – I dap a few of this cream around my eye, focusing on my undereye, before I put on my BB cream and my concealer. I honestly think that it really lessens the darkness around my eyes! I’m no longer a panda! A raccoon! I’m ME! (lol) My exaggerated reaction is due to the fact that my dark undereye has always been my dilemma. Sometimes, genetic sucks 😜

Major hesitation though in buying my favorites is their price. I don’t know if I’ll spend thousands (chi-ching chi-ching) for these products. Still thinking about it though…


Unboxing my September BDJ box. I forgot to include the Olay moisturizer that was in a different box.

Olay moisturizer – used it, so-so, will most probably give it to my mom

VS Intensive Hair Mask – I love it! Might repurchase

VS Magic Style Activator – I like it!

Cure – tried it once but it seems like my whiteheads became more obvious so I stopped

L’Occitane Hand Cream – I haven’t used it yet but opened it & it really smells great

Colour Collection BB cream – opened it but the shade is too dark for me so I will give it to my friend

Too Cool For School lip gloss – gave it to my goddaughter because it’s too young-ish for me, too cool for school aye!

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