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From UK… from LOVE

Yes, you read that right. It’s not just “From UK with love” but it is also “From UK from Love”! I got a package from my big sister who lives in United Kingdom and my parents call her fondly as “Love”. I’m “Darling” and she’s “Love” when my parents are not mad at us, hehe.

I was so EXCITED!!! But it was not a surprise because my sister already told me what’s inside… and there’s a slip taped in front of the box for customs.
Drum roll, please!!!


2 Shirts for my husband


Unfortunately, the shirts didn’t fit my hubby. So, in short, they’re now mine too! 😅

Michael Kors sunglasses  


I love!!! I am a fan of super big shades. I can’t wait to wear these this summer!

Diesel sunglasses


I am so ready for summer! Bring the heat on!

Cath Kidston Kingswood Rose Mini Satchel


Isn’t this adorable! This purse is perfect for spring and summer! I am not a fan of flower printed things but the flowers here look a bit abstract. The black background made it also look classy and modern.

YSL Lipstick 


This YSL Rouge Volupté Shine lipstick was my special request and this is my first YSL lipstick! My sister, together with my nieces, chose Rose In Tension (#17) for me. I intentionally  didn’t swatch it yet so I can make a post solely for this one.

By the way, the purse and the lipstick look so good together! 

Am I the luckiest little sister ever!

Pout your lips as you conquer the world. 💋🌍 


What’s in your purse? (Who cares!)

Well, you do if you’re reading this post.😃

The growing fascination with the contents of another woman’s purse is becoming a phenomenon. This borderline voyeurism might have been rooted from somewhere in the inner recesses of a girl’s soul. Something to that effect. Or something perverted as what Freud would always say. I, on the other hand, would just like to see the girly stuff that another girly girl has on her girly bag.

So here’s my girly bag.
Well… It looks more like the Hogwarts Sorting Hat on this picture though (muggles!). But I love it! It’s big and roomy and all of my stuff can fit inside it.

So what’s inside my bag/purse?

1. My purple rosary, one of the first must-haves
2 & 3. Wallet (Michael Kors) and Coin Purse (a gift) – though there were several instances where I forgot my wallet, tsk tsk
4-6. Cellphones (iPhone 5 & blackberry 9360) with a cellphone wristlet (Coach – a gift❤️)
7. My office ID
8-10. Phone charger & earbuds (with Hello Kitty cord holder)
11. Pen (cute, blue & star)

12. Medicine Kit, Hello Kitty of course😊

13. Make-up Kit (Stella & Dot – deserves to have a blogpost dedicated solely for it)

14. Toiletries Pouch

15. Eye make-up pouch

16. Ecotools make-up brushes

17. Stella McCartney Sunnies

18. Spoon & fork & chopsticks (Hello Kitty)

19 & 20. Tissue & make-up remover


21. Old foldable umbrella (note to self: buy a new one)

22. Candies

23. 8 pairs of earrings (better to be sure than sorry)


So, what’s in your purse?⭐️

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