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It’s My Birthday!!!

I am more addicted to Hello Kitty than to make-up because I have been loving her since I was a kid! So my sweet husband got this on my birthday. 😘🎂

The cutest!


Bed Bath & Beyond Mini Haul (Married Life Edition)

I’m newly married and for the meantime, we are renting an apartment. We still need a LOT of furniture to make it homey. To prove my point, my husband still uses a suitcase as his bedside table, errrrr, and he thinks he doesn’t need a real one.  

My husband’s bedside table… a suitcase (well at least it’s a Samsonite!) and a diaper box. We don’t have a kid yet. It’s his nephew’s diaper box. Pfffft!

Good thing that one of the gifts that we received on our wedding was a Bed Bath & Beyond gift card for $100. We decided to use it this weekend plus two discount coupons from BBB. 

$100 Gift Card

I love coupons and want to be an extreme coupon lady, lol

Here is the bag!


First thing we purchased was the Real Simple® Split-Top Bench Storage Unit in Espresso for $89.99. I went to their website and found out about this item and thought that it will look good right at our doorway/entryway.


My husband said that it was easy to install. There is also a wood glue included to stick some of the parts together.  

Yup, those are Hello Kittty Vans shoes! We put shoes that we always use for a regular day out.
Yes… more Hello Kitty! I put the blanket there that I use when I feel cold while watching TV. On the other side are mails or letters.

We both love the ottoman! It looks good and fits right at our small space.

The second one that we bought was a blender. It was a choice between the Oster glass blender and the Hamilton Beach plastic blender. I chose the plastic one because, honestly, I’m a bit of a klutz. I was afraid that I might break the glass. Well, it was cheaper too. The Hamilton Beach® 10-Speed Blender with 48 oz. Plastic Jar was for $19.99 only compared to the Oster blender for $39.99.


Because I wanted fruit shakes…

When we’re about to check-out, I saw these colorful loofah. I must have them!


Paris Presents Daily Luxuries 3-Pack Mesh Bath Sponges in Multicolor for $5.99

I applied a 20% discount coupon to the ottoman and a $5 coupon to the blender. All in all, we still have a $1 and some odd cents left on our gift card.   

It feels great to shop for stuff that you need without spending a single penny!👍🏼😄



Happy Birthday, Kitty! (A review of the Hello Kitty Wild Thing Palette)

Hello Kitty and her twin Mimmy just had their birthday yesterday, November 1. Yeah, they were “born” and not in Japan but in England. British kittens, how lovely!

So to celebrate the birthday of my favorite cat, let me post my review about my new makeup palette that I got this week: the Hello Kitty Wild Thing Makeup Palette

Bought it from an online seller (ig: mycalishopper) for Php1100. I have been checking Sephora website for years and have been wishing for this makeup palette for as long as I can remember but we don’t have Sephora here in the Philippines and their online shop doesn’t ship here too. Boohoo. So I’m such a happy camper when I found out that I can order anything I want in the US from mycalishopper plus the fact that it was on sale! Dreams do come true, eventually.

But why an eyeshadow palette? Didn’t I just say in my last post that it’s my least favorite makeup to put on? Ummm, it’s a unique Hello Kitty item and that always wins in my list.


I like that the container is reusable and super cute❤️



It’s also bigger than a regular dvd case (but not as big as your abs, Mr. Hiphop Abs! *hihi*)

It has 12 eyeshadows, 1 “pen pal” (felt tip) eyeliner and 1 compact mirror.

A closer look:


For the purpose of this review, I put a number on each eyeshadow.

Here are the swatches wherein #1 is the one on top then #12 is the one on the bottom:

More swatches (grouped into 4):



#2 and #9 have matte finish while the rest have shimmer. #3 is super pigmented and I can’t wait to use it! Thinking of using it later while watching the movie “Thor” at the mall but that miiiight be too much, don’t you think?
I immediately tried this on when I got it a few days ago using my Ecotools brushes by using #s 1 (under the eyebrows), 4 (crease), 10 & 11 (on the lid) and 8 as a bottom eye liner. Aren’t I a wild thing, using 5 eyeshadows at the same time?! …And that’s the only closest to an adventure that I experienced for years.

Now let’s move to the other makeup found on this palette; an eyeliner.



I love using felt tip eyeliner! It’s easy to use, more pigmented and stays on longer than the pencil type.


But this Hello Kitty eyeliner is thicker compared to the Maybelline felt tip eyeliner that I use so when I applied it, I messed it up a bit so it became thicker and the wingtip “just happened” because I didn’t deliberately intended to do that from the start. It is also not as dark nor pigmented so I had to reapply.

And last but not the least, the cute compact mirror…


The eyeshadow palette is something you use for a night-out partying. It’s the Hello Kitty in you that doesn’t purr. It’s the Hello Kitty that roars.

What’s in your make-up kit?

The evolution of my make-up kit all started with simply bringing baby powder when I was in grade school… Then came the lip gloss in high school… Then lipstick when I turned 18…

Now that I’m at the “right” age *wink*, here’s my make-up kit that I bring everyday at work:

❤️ Stella & Dot pouch (a gift)


Isn’t this a good way to start your day?

So cute, right? Just answer “hey!!!” as you raise your hands in the air before you put on your make-up (not that I do that *ehem*)

So what’s inside this pouch?

❤️ Human Nature Mineral Powder in Orient Pearl
– I buy a lot of Human Nature products because they don’t have harmful ingredients, are cruelty-free and are proudly made in the Philippines


❤️ Urban Decay De-Slick Mattifying Powder
– I use it mostly as a mirror because it is a lot bigger than my HN powder and I love the packaging


❤️ 3 concealers
1) Mary Kay concealer/corrector in Ivory 1
2) Maybelline BB Stick (that I use as a concealer) in 01 Fresh – I don’t like the smell of the product on the tube but that smell disappears as soon as you apply it to your face and it goes on smoothly due to its powdery finish
3) Max Factor Pan Foundation (as a concealer) in Olive 30


❤️ 2 Powder Blush
1) Maybelline Cheeky Glow in Peachy Sweetie
2) Human Nature Mineral Blush in Pink Bloom

It takes 2-3 reapplication for the HN blush to show color as it is not too pigmented for my skin tone. I’m currently searching for a new blush.


❤️ Revlon Eyelash Curler
– my ever dependable curler that I have to let go soon (huhuhu)… I’m just waiting for the Shu Uemura eyelash curler that I recently ordered (woohoo!)


❤️ 2 eyeliners
1) Maybelline HyperSharp Liner (liquid) – that I use for my upper lid
2) Maybelline master liner (pencil) – that I use for my lower lid but I’m still getting the hang of it because I’m used to liquid eyeliner


❤️ 3 mascaras
1) Maybelline The Falsies
2) Maybelline The Rocket
3) Benefit They’re Real



❤️ Cover Girl Pencil Crayon for the eyebrows (Please see my pseudo review on this article)


❤️ 2 lip balm
1) Etude Kissful Lip Care in Cherry
2) Maybelline Baby Lips in Neon Rose



❤️ 9 lippies
1) Human Nature in Lucky In Love
2) Mary Kay in Caramel Toffee
3) Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede in Fashionista
4) Maybelline in Coral Crush
5) Nyx in Monte Carlo
6) Nyx in Addis Ababa
7) Mac Mattene Lipstick in Eden Rouge
8) Mac Lustre in Marquis D’
9) Mac Retro Matte in Riri Woo

Please bear with me as I’m a noob in making lipstick swatches. I made several attempts and most of them looked like I had a bad case of hives on my arm. Here’s the most “decent” of them all:


❤️ Hello Kitty lip gloss
– that I don’t use. It’s cute, nuff said 😊


So what’s in your make-up kit?

What’s in your purse? (Who cares!)

Well, you do if you’re reading this post.😃

The growing fascination with the contents of another woman’s purse is becoming a phenomenon. This borderline voyeurism might have been rooted from somewhere in the inner recesses of a girl’s soul. Something to that effect. Or something perverted as what Freud would always say. I, on the other hand, would just like to see the girly stuff that another girly girl has on her girly bag.

So here’s my girly bag.
Well… It looks more like the Hogwarts Sorting Hat on this picture though (muggles!). But I love it! It’s big and roomy and all of my stuff can fit inside it.

So what’s inside my bag/purse?

1. My purple rosary, one of the first must-haves
2 & 3. Wallet (Michael Kors) and Coin Purse (a gift) – though there were several instances where I forgot my wallet, tsk tsk
4-6. Cellphones (iPhone 5 & blackberry 9360) with a cellphone wristlet (Coach – a gift❤️)
7. My office ID
8-10. Phone charger & earbuds (with Hello Kitty cord holder)
11. Pen (cute, blue & star)

12. Medicine Kit, Hello Kitty of course😊

13. Make-up Kit (Stella & Dot – deserves to have a blogpost dedicated solely for it)

14. Toiletries Pouch

15. Eye make-up pouch

16. Ecotools make-up brushes

17. Stella McCartney Sunnies

18. Spoon & fork & chopsticks (Hello Kitty)

19 & 20. Tissue & make-up remover


21. Old foldable umbrella (note to self: buy a new one)

22. Candies

23. 8 pairs of earrings (better to be sure than sorry)


So, what’s in your purse?⭐️

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