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Review: The Lip Bar Purple Rain Lipstick

I love the color purple! For me, it connotes femininity, elegance and somehow it symbolizes something mystical. I was even beyond ecstatic last year when Radiant Orchid was the Pantone color of 2014.


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I was even thinking of incorporating the color purple on my church wedding next year…

But I never imagined putting purple on my lips. I am not that risky and adventurous. So there was a bit hesitation, no matter how I love the color purple, when a purple lipstick from The Lip Bar was included on my first Boxycharm.

But I admit, I instantly fell in love with the packaging!


Waaaay too cute!

It took me almost 3 weeks to finally try it. I only did it today because I am feeling blue (pun intended) so I decided to wear a lipstick at home. Everyone feels better with lipstick! 💄


A bit scary…
It is hydrating and leaves a nice stain on the lips. It lasts for hours.

I have been converted! Who would have thought that I will love a purple lipstick! The Lip Bar Purple Rain lipstick made me love the color purple a little bit more than yesterday!

It retails for $20 which is a price that is a bit on the high-end. However, The Lip Bar proudly says that their products are cruelty-free, natural and vegan so it’s worth it. You can check their website at

Pout your lips as you conquer the world. 💋🌍

Review: NYX Matte and Butter Lipsticks

The first product that I always buy from a make-up company that I haven’t tried before is a lipstick. I always have this specific product to try first to gauge how good a company is. For instance, for a restaurant, I will order lasagna if they have any. I am THAT weird I guess 😂 or I just absolutely love lipsticks and lasagna.💄🍴

So I, of course, had to buy NYX lipsticks first when I heard about them from a friend who told me how affordable and good they are. The fact that they are cruelty-free is a major plus too.

I initially tried their Soft Matte Lip Creams, but for this post, I will review three of their Matte Lipsticks and the new lipstick that I bought yesterday at Target, a NYX Butter Lipstick. I bought them at $5.99 each.


Both the NYX Matte and Butter Lipsticks have transparent plastic in the middle to better see the color of the lipstick. However, the top and bottom part of the NYX Matte Lipsticks are made out of black sturdy plastic while those of the Butter Lipsticks’ have almost the same color to the actual lipstick bullet.
Matte Lipsticks: Whipped Caviar, Tea Rose and Strawberry Daiquiri. Butter Lipstick: Pops Explosif
Pops Explosif is my first and only NYX Butter Lipstick. It applies very sheer on me, almost like a lip balm. However, it is buildable to create a better color payoff on your lips.
Strawberry Daiquiri is my first NYX Matte Lipstick. It has a hint of coral that is subtle and suitable on almost all skintone
Tea Rose looks a bit mauvey to my lips with a nice touch of pink. It seems like that not everyone can pull this off. A friend bought one and she didn’t like it on her because she thought that it washed her out. But for me, it is my fave!

Whipped Caviar is almost similar to the Butter Lipstick in Pops Explosif. Both are good MLBB, My Lips But Better.
Aren’t they all the perfect colors for Spring!

All of the NYX Matte Lipsticks that I have glide on to the lips smoothly and easily, without tugging the lips as some matte lipsticks do. They are also surprisingly hydrating for matte lipsticks.

Butter Lipstick, as expected, did feel “buttery” when applied making my lips hydrated without the feeling of stickiness.

I have a dark pigmentation around my lips and Tea Rose conceals it thoroughly at one application even without a lip liner. I feel that it even makes my lips look more plump ala Kylie Jenner. Well, I have been using this way before the swollen lips challenge! 💋

Tea Rose is obviously my favorite NYX Matte Lipstick. Do you see how small and almost empty it is? This is actually my second NYX Tea Rose lipstick and I will definitely buy my third once I ran out of this one. 

These lipsticks don’t leave much stain on the lips after eating and can last for around 4 to 6 hours when left untouched. But when you do, say goodbye to lipstick and just reapply. Since it doesn’t make my lips chappy, reapplying is easy peasy.

It doesn’t have any distinct smell at all. I promise, I sniffed like crazy and there’s nothing. 👃🏼

If you want to check their website, please click here. But basically, you can buy them at almost all the drugstores and supermarkets near you.

Thanks for your time! 

Pout your lips as you conquer the world! 💋🌍

Unboxing: Human Nature Haul

I always like trying natural products. My skin is very sensitive so if I can, I try to stay away from products with too much harmful chemicals. 

Back in the Philippines, I’ve been an avid fan of Human Nature. Their products are natural and cruelty-free. So I’m glad that I can still purchase their products here in the US by simply going to their website. 



Free shipping for a minimum of $50. The prices here are already 20% off.


20% off! Woohoo!
Natural, Fair Trade, Cruelty-Free

I bought 6 feminine wash for $5.99 each; 2 pieces for each variant
Each product has an expiration date; not everything has the same expiration date. I will be using this one first.

I have been using this a lot for 2 years and I think nothing else is better
Natural Baby Wonder Oil for $4.99. I haven’t tried this one yet before so I’m looking forward in using this.
100% Natural Purifying Facial Scrub 50ml for $3.99. For me this is the best facial scrub! It doesn’t hurt my face and I use this every other day.
Nourishing Face Toner for $4.99. I find that this toner makes my face clean and smooth.

All Natural Spray Sanitizers for $1.99 each. I tried this from a friend before and I liked it.
Natural Baby Wash for $4.99. I haven’t tried this too before but I’m looking forward to try this on my next shower.

I will try to post a review for each product.

You can check the Human Nature products here.


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