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Samples For May 2015

Hello, June!!! We’re already halfway done with 2015 and I am enjoying every day of this year!

As we say goodbye to May (by the way, my second name is “May”, ugh, that people think I was born in May), let me show you my sample finds for last month. I am a newbie to this “hobby” but it sure is exhilarating when you find something that you really find interesting… for free!

Initially, I just browse the internet everyday for freebies to avoid boredom. But now, I can officially admit that I AM A SAMPLE HUNTER, a hunter who doesn’t get her hands dirty! Oops, I need a mani!

When I find a good deal… (Source: Taylor Swift’s stickers in Line chat app)
The samples I got vary; from food, beauty products, medicines and magazines. These are samples from the company without any purchase needed.

Twinnings Tea

Almost everyone I know prefers coffee than tea. Not me! I can drink a tea anytime, any day!

Nivea Cocoa Butter Body Lotion

It smells delicious!
One of the reasons that I like these freebies is coupons!

Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion

I really got to try this!
More savings!

Allegra Antihistamine

Call me Little Miss Achoo! I sneeze like crazy, multiple times, when my allergies attack. My friends and family can’t stop themselves from counting the achoos! Sniff sniff… Antihistamines also help me not to have an anaphylactic shock when I eat something that I’m not supposed to (ehem, shrimp and crabs!).
Major score since this is what I take anyway for my allergies

I would like you to guess this one…

Say what? Am I being deployed? But I’m not a soldier, my husband is!

Heart attack! So this is what it is! Major props for their awesome creativity!
These are the Kotex samples inside the cute and well-thought box.

Nice packaging! I love the color combo!
These are pantiliners.
Kotex Security Long
Kotex Security Regular with Wings
These are their products. On the back, is another coupon. I asked my husband to redeem the coupon at Walmart. Awww, I love him! ❤️
But I guess it will be TOO MUCH if I also ask my husband to stick this on his car, right?! Hihihi…

Men’s Health Magazine

For my hubby since we’re both trying to live a healthier lifestyle… TRYING…

I will do my best to get more free samples and post my “treasure” hunting adventure here. If you know any other ways to get some, please tell us! But for me, I usually go to this website:

Have fun!

Pout your lips as you conquer the world. 💋🌍


Cerave Samples

I don’t consistently put lotion on my body because I do find them icky especially when I start sweating. So when I got here in the East coast, the cold and dry weather has definitely required me to apply lotion more religiously or else my skin will end up cracking. 

I went to Target and found this precious gem called Cerave Moisturizing Cream



It’s not greasy, easily absorbed by my skin and lasts all day for me. Pretty much, I emptied this one tub in a span of less than two months.

So I was ecstatic when I found out that I can get free samples from their website. I don’t remember exactly what I did because I was opening multiple browsers at that time trying to find free product samples.😅 I wasn’t even sure that I did it correctly so this is indeed a surprise. 😂

I got the samples in the mail 2 days ago.

For freeeeeee!



If I only knew…
My husband asked, “that’s it?!” I admit. The box did fool me too.

Small but beggars can’t be choosers!

I already tried the Cerave Hydrating Cleanser, also the same deluxe size, as a freebie on the tub of Cerave Moisturizer that I bought. I remember that I loved it too especially during the winter. I have a very sensitive skin and it didn’t break me out.

Well, the sample moisturizer is waaay small compared to the tub that I used up but I think this is better than a foil pack. I will put this inside my purse just in case I need some lotion while in motion.🚙

So, do you know any other freebies out there? Please share so I can score some, lol! 😄



Mario Badescu Free Samples

Yes, you read the word F-R-E-E correctly. No shipping fee. No. Nada.

All you need to do is answer a simple questionnaire on Mario Badescu‘s website so they can customize the samples that they will give to you openheartedly for freeeeee (I do elongate my E’s on the word FREE 😂).

Click the picture to direct you to their website ==>
Several hours after I answered the questions, I received an email like this…

Excited much!

Almost a week has passed when I finally got my Mario Badescu samples… 


It’s great that they also included a guide on how and when to apply their products.

Product Application Page 1

Product Application Page 2
There was also a Product Guide that gives us a brief description of their products and their prices.

A page about their eye creams. They have cleansers, toners/astringents, moisturizers, protective creams, special face creams/emulsions, night creams, masks, exfoliants, sun products, hand creams, bath & body, men’s products, hair products, acne products and kits.

Skin Type classification. Based on the samples that I got, they identified me as “C, D, S”.
Here are the samples: 

Hyaluronic Moisturizer SPF 15

I love everything that has SPF. This one has a faint sweet smell and can be used as a daily moisturizer. I tried it and it’s good for springtime but probably not enough for my face during winter.

Regular price is $24 for 2 oz.

Drying Cream

It smells a bit like vanilla and looks like a mocha ice cream, yum! I swear by it. It effectively dried up the pesky little pimple that has been overstaying for a week on the corner of my mouth. (Side note: I read that pimple on the mouth means I need to eat more veggies and fruits, argh!)

With one dab of this product on my pimple, it dried up overnight! I will surely buy this one.

Regular price for 1/2 oz is $17.

Strawberry Face Scrub

It smells like, um, strawberries! You can find this under the “exfoliants” page of the Product Guide. I haven’t used this one yet because I think my face is still too sensitive for any exfoliation.

Regular price for 4 oz is $15.

Aloe Lotion

At first, I got confused with this one. It sure doesn’t look like a body lotion because it’s too watery. So I checked the Product Guide and it’s under “toners/astringents”. It doesn’t have a distinct smell but it definitely smells nice. I try not to use any astringents or toner yet, especially with alcohol, so I haven’t tried this one. This one has 2% alcohol plus the aloe so it might be tolerable to most people. It comes with 3 sizes: 8 oz ($15), 16 oz ($26) and 32 oz ($45).

Flower and Tonic Mask

This one is very interesting. It says on the guide that it’s a purifying and calming mask that absorbs dirt and oil and calms minor redness and irritation. Redness and irritation are the best two words to describe my face most of the time recently so I’m looking forward in using this mask.

Regular price for 2 oz. is $18

Orange Cleansing Soap

I haven’t opened this one yet and it’s under “cleansers” on the Product Guide. It says that it’s non-oily and non-detergent so I guess it won’t be too sudsy, not so sure about that though. I should better try it first. It comes into 2 sizes: 8 oz for $12 and 16 oz for $20.

Glycolic Eye Cream

I would have loved this sample if it’s on a bottle too. I absolutely in need of an eye cream because wrinkles have been showing under my eyes lately  that were never been there 3 months ago and I didn’t even have my birthday yet! Cold and dry weather, curse you!

Regular price for 1/2 oz is $20.

Bee Pollen Night Cream

I love night creams! I’m appreciating them now that I’m “normal” because I used to work on a graveyard shift so that messed up the purpose of a having a night cream. My dilemma was, “should I put my day cream at night because I’m awake and put night cream during the day when I’m about to sleep?” My circadian rhythm was already so whacked to be even bothered with day and night creams. Oh before I forget (too much side note eh), regular price for 1 oz. of this cream is for $20.

I have to thank a piece of heaven called blogosphere for talking about how to score these free samples. 

I may not become a supermodel like Naomi Campbell, but at least our face is being made by the same company.


First Sample Room experience

Try it before you buy it, if you can. Welcome to the world of trying out samples!

Sample Room is a Philippine-based website wherein you can get product samples for free. All you need is to pay for the shipping & handling fee, in which in my case I paid Php100. The products you can avail from come in different sizes. They can be in sample size (or some people call it “deluxe” size or travel size) or in their regular full-size. If you will convert the actual cost of the products that you’ll be getting, it will actually be more than the s&h fee that you’ll be paying. Therefore, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth.

I already registered a few months ago and I decided to use the free points I got upon registration just a few days ago. I only used up 95 out of the 100 points I initially received. I wasn’t interested with the other products on their website or my points weren’t enough to get what I wanted and I’m still thinking if I’ll buy VIP points (Php 599 for 1000 points). But for the free 95 points, I was able to get products with a total cost of Php448. Doing my math, less the s&h fee I paid, I was able to get 348 pesos worth of freebies:



I ordered my products on October 7 then received them yesterday, October 9. It was delivered thru the Xend courier. However, upon looking at the package, I noticed something “weird” with the s&h (or probably there’s another explanation to it, I don’t know):

20131010-064224.jpg Did you notice that the s&h fee on the plastic is just less than Php100? Anyway, here are the products that I ordered:


I already tried the products the moment I opened them and I will be posting my reviews here on my blog 5 days from now. Why 5 days? According to Sample Room, you need at least 5 days to use the product before you can honestly and accurately post a product review. Makes sense, right? However, I inadvertently posted my reviews in the Sample Room website right after I used these products. I forgot about the “at least 5 days rule” before submitting a product review. I just got a little bit too excited.😜 You can also get back the points you’ve redeemed plus an additional 1 point if your product review got approved. Happiness!

If you want to know more about their website, just go to

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