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What’s in your make-up kit?

The evolution of my make-up kit all started with simply bringing baby powder when I was in grade school… Then came the lip gloss in high school… Then lipstick when I turned 18…

Now that I’m at the “right” age *wink*, here’s my make-up kit that I bring everyday at work:

❤️ Stella & Dot pouch (a gift)


Isn’t this a good way to start your day?

So cute, right? Just answer “hey!!!” as you raise your hands in the air before you put on your make-up (not that I do that *ehem*)

So what’s inside this pouch?

❤️ Human Nature Mineral Powder in Orient Pearl
– I buy a lot of Human Nature products because they don’t have harmful ingredients, are cruelty-free and are proudly made in the Philippines


❤️ Urban Decay De-Slick Mattifying Powder
– I use it mostly as a mirror because it is a lot bigger than my HN powder and I love the packaging


❤️ 3 concealers
1) Mary Kay concealer/corrector in Ivory 1
2) Maybelline BB Stick (that I use as a concealer) in 01 Fresh – I don’t like the smell of the product on the tube but that smell disappears as soon as you apply it to your face and it goes on smoothly due to its powdery finish
3) Max Factor Pan Foundation (as a concealer) in Olive 30


❤️ 2 Powder Blush
1) Maybelline Cheeky Glow in Peachy Sweetie
2) Human Nature Mineral Blush in Pink Bloom

It takes 2-3 reapplication for the HN blush to show color as it is not too pigmented for my skin tone. I’m currently searching for a new blush.


❤️ Revlon Eyelash Curler
– my ever dependable curler that I have to let go soon (huhuhu)… I’m just waiting for the Shu Uemura eyelash curler that I recently ordered (woohoo!)


❤️ 2 eyeliners
1) Maybelline HyperSharp Liner (liquid) – that I use for my upper lid
2) Maybelline master liner (pencil) – that I use for my lower lid but I’m still getting the hang of it because I’m used to liquid eyeliner


❤️ 3 mascaras
1) Maybelline The Falsies
2) Maybelline The Rocket
3) Benefit They’re Real



❤️ Cover Girl Pencil Crayon for the eyebrows (Please see my pseudo review on this article)


❤️ 2 lip balm
1) Etude Kissful Lip Care in Cherry
2) Maybelline Baby Lips in Neon Rose



❤️ 9 lippies
1) Human Nature in Lucky In Love
2) Mary Kay in Caramel Toffee
3) Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede in Fashionista
4) Maybelline in Coral Crush
5) Nyx in Monte Carlo
6) Nyx in Addis Ababa
7) Mac Mattene Lipstick in Eden Rouge
8) Mac Lustre in Marquis D’
9) Mac Retro Matte in Riri Woo

Please bear with me as I’m a noob in making lipstick swatches. I made several attempts and most of them looked like I had a bad case of hives on my arm. Here’s the most “decent” of them all:


❤️ Hello Kitty lip gloss
– that I don’t use. It’s cute, nuff said 😊


So what’s in your make-up kit?

Yoda, I’m not

For those who have no idea who Yoda is, he is a well-loved Star Wars character…


Charming as he may be, I don’t want to look like him. But without my eyebrows, the resemblance is uncanny…

Well, I maaay be exaggerrating a bit but that is who I think I look like because of my eyebrows or the lack thereof. I’ve searched high and low (aka googled it) for the truth behind eyebrows. And then I found trigonometry… the cosine and tangent of eyebrows, that is also connected to the secrets of being an illuminati…




When I saw these instructions, I finally realized that my math teacher wasn’t lying. Math is indeed everywhere. And so are the illuminatis… (what’s the plural form of illuminati? Illuminaties? Illuminatisse?)

So I tried and tried, then tried harder to understand the perplexities of my eyebrows.

Part of this adventure was to purchase different kinds of eyebrow pencils. So last week, I bought a Covergirl eyebrow pencil at Landmark.


I’ve tried this before but the saleslady suggested a different shade for me named “mink”. She was also nice to “draw” my eyebrows for me, otherwise known as “connecting the dots”, and she did a great job. Prior to this, I was used to simply filling out the spaces and didn’t pay too much attention on the shape of my eyebrows. But what she did was amazing. My eyebrows looked more like the images above, with arc, tip and bourgeoisie!

I repurchased this Covergirl eyebrow pencil because it is waterproof. Just imagine a half-made, half non-existent eyebrows. Awkward. I’m not a big fan of the applicator though because the sponge falls off eventually and I still prefer a comb/brush to blend any eyebrow product.

So I tried to emulate what she did to my eyebrows at home. I guess I’m bad at trigonometry….


Yoda, I am.

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