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Review: The Lip Bar Purple Rain Lipstick

I love the color purple! For me, it connotes femininity, elegance and somehow it symbolizes something mystical. I was even beyond ecstatic last year when Radiant Orchid was the Pantone color of 2014.


Source Image:

I was even thinking of incorporating the color purple on my church wedding next year…

But I never imagined putting purple on my lips. I am not that risky and adventurous. So there was a bit hesitation, no matter how I love the color purple, when a purple lipstick from The Lip Bar was included on my first Boxycharm.

But I admit, I instantly fell in love with the packaging!


Waaaay too cute!

It took me almost 3 weeks to finally try it. I only did it today because I am feeling blue (pun intended) so I decided to wear a lipstick at home. Everyone feels better with lipstick! 💄


A bit scary…
It is hydrating and leaves a nice stain on the lips. It lasts for hours.

I have been converted! Who would have thought that I will love a purple lipstick! The Lip Bar Purple Rain lipstick made me love the color purple a little bit more than yesterday!

It retails for $20 which is a price that is a bit on the high-end. However, The Lip Bar proudly says that their products are cruelty-free, natural and vegan so it’s worth it. You can check their website at

Pout your lips as you conquer the world. 💋🌍

Happy Birthday, Kitty! (A review of the Hello Kitty Wild Thing Palette)

Hello Kitty and her twin Mimmy just had their birthday yesterday, November 1. Yeah, they were “born” and not in Japan but in England. British kittens, how lovely!

So to celebrate the birthday of my favorite cat, let me post my review about my new makeup palette that I got this week: the Hello Kitty Wild Thing Makeup Palette

Bought it from an online seller (ig: mycalishopper) for Php1100. I have been checking Sephora website for years and have been wishing for this makeup palette for as long as I can remember but we don’t have Sephora here in the Philippines and their online shop doesn’t ship here too. Boohoo. So I’m such a happy camper when I found out that I can order anything I want in the US from mycalishopper plus the fact that it was on sale! Dreams do come true, eventually.

But why an eyeshadow palette? Didn’t I just say in my last post that it’s my least favorite makeup to put on? Ummm, it’s a unique Hello Kitty item and that always wins in my list.


I like that the container is reusable and super cute❤️



It’s also bigger than a regular dvd case (but not as big as your abs, Mr. Hiphop Abs! *hihi*)

It has 12 eyeshadows, 1 “pen pal” (felt tip) eyeliner and 1 compact mirror.

A closer look:


For the purpose of this review, I put a number on each eyeshadow.

Here are the swatches wherein #1 is the one on top then #12 is the one on the bottom:

More swatches (grouped into 4):



#2 and #9 have matte finish while the rest have shimmer. #3 is super pigmented and I can’t wait to use it! Thinking of using it later while watching the movie “Thor” at the mall but that miiiight be too much, don’t you think?
I immediately tried this on when I got it a few days ago using my Ecotools brushes by using #s 1 (under the eyebrows), 4 (crease), 10 & 11 (on the lid) and 8 as a bottom eye liner. Aren’t I a wild thing, using 5 eyeshadows at the same time?! …And that’s the only closest to an adventure that I experienced for years.

Now let’s move to the other makeup found on this palette; an eyeliner.



I love using felt tip eyeliner! It’s easy to use, more pigmented and stays on longer than the pencil type.


But this Hello Kitty eyeliner is thicker compared to the Maybelline felt tip eyeliner that I use so when I applied it, I messed it up a bit so it became thicker and the wingtip “just happened” because I didn’t deliberately intended to do that from the start. It is also not as dark nor pigmented so I had to reapply.

And last but not the least, the cute compact mirror…


The eyeshadow palette is something you use for a night-out partying. It’s the Hello Kitty in you that doesn’t purr. It’s the Hello Kitty that roars.

Review: Shiseido True Eye Shadow Maquillage in PK 363

My previous post tells you that (woohoo!) I just won a Shiseido Eye Shadow from BDJ Box. Thankful as I am, I’m not really a fan of putting any eyeshadow to myself. The first time I bought an eyeshadow palette was from Revlon and that was 6-7 years ago. I just recently bought an eyeshadow palette from Sephora because it is from their Hello Kitty line (and I loooove Hello Kitty). Besides being lazy & not so efficient in putting any eyeshadow on, my eyelids aren’t good blank canvass; they hardly show the true colors of the eyeshadow. Let me show you why:

There you go. I’m a panda incarnate. Correction: A brown panda incarnate. Add the fact that I “lack hair”, as my officemate has put it kindly, I am a hairless brown panda. My eyelids are so brown that even when I was a kid, some people had asked me if I was wearing any eyeshadow. The dark undereye circles just worsened as I got older. So this dilemma has made eyeshadow as my least favorite make-up and that’s why I don’t purchase any as much as I do with lippies. Most of my eyeshadow palettes were given to me as gifts and this Shiseido eyeshadow is the most recent “gift” that I received.

I paid Php50 last Friday for the shipping fee instead of going directly to BDJ’s San Juan office. No one at the house has even informed me that it has been delivered yesterday, Saturday. I just saw this on the table right in front of our main door:


It’s mine! Discovered it at around 4 in the morning today, I was so excited to open the package that I just had to stop myself from squealing so as not to wake everyone.


Slowly but surely, eh?

Well… my name was mispelled. But who’s complaining, right! I got the PK 363 set which I like the most out of all the available palettes that they have when I checked the Shiseido website. Another woohoo! The instructions on the back are in Japanese (Nihongo if I’m not mistaken?) but the diagram is pretty much understandable.

I like the subtle pink and muted gold of its packaging. It can also easily fit on anyone’s makeup kit (as seen on the size comparison with my bb9360).



The diagram/guide is a good must-have especially for the make-up newbies.

The brushes are standard but I particularly like brush #4 that is meant to be used in putting the darkest shade to serve as the eyeliner. I think I can re-purpose this brush when I use my pencil eyeliner for blending.

Here are the swatches on my arm and how it looks up close when used:


Except for the #5 shade that will be used for the undereye, all of the shades are shimmery.
Now let me try them on. Yeah, on a Sunday morning, why not! To prepare, I blot any excess oil on my eyelid then put something on to tone down the brown. I don’t need to put any primer since I’m not going anywhere at 5 on a Sunday morning.

Big improvement right? Now here’s my right eye ready for battle with the Shiseido eyeshadow on my lid, Maybelline The Rocket mascara on my lashes and Cover Girl on my brows:

I had a trouble with the falling glitters that I had to use a make-up remover to clean them off. I think I forgot to tap the excess before putting them on. It took me 3x to reapply shade #2 for it to show on my lids; the curse of the panda eyes.
My favorite is shade #3 because I think it’s the most pigmented color for my lids.

Overall, I think it’s a good buy for an everyday look. The colors are subtle and you can easily mix & match them with your other eyeshadow. It also doesn’t have an overpowering smell; just a little woodsy scent if you sniff directly on the palette. It may be a bit pricey though because I saw on ebay that the price ranges around $40-50.

Thanks to BDJ Box for this awesome prize!

Review: Urban Decay De-Slick Mattifying Powder

I bought this because of its packaging. Yeah, I can really be that shallow. 😜 First and foremost, I like color purple so that’s a big check. I also find the intricate silver design on the cover very interesting so I will pretty much reuse the container.

Probably the most expensive powder that I have, it’s worth Php 1500; bought it from a US-based online seller. So the question is, does it “de-slick and mattify” my face? For me, it’s not that consistent. Sometimes, it does. Sometimes, it doesn’t. Probably it’s not meant for a very humid weather like the Philippines. I tried applying it on top of a Maybelline pressed powder that was already on my face. It was not a good idea because it made my face cakey. I do not recommend applying another layer of it on your face especially on top of another powder because it really has the tendency to be cakey (though it is suggested on the packaging).

I read some reviews that it’s best to use a brush instead of the puff included on the product. I totally agree with that because the puff is quite flimsy and using a brush will spread the product more evenly. Even though it is translucent (best for all complexion), it is best to apply it thinly to avoid making it cakey (for the nth time).😜



Good side, I like the minty scent. It’s a bit relaxing.
So there you go, I like the packaging and its scent. But not a good buy for me for Php 1500.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐️ out of ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Yoda, I’m not

For those who have no idea who Yoda is, he is a well-loved Star Wars character…


Charming as he may be, I don’t want to look like him. But without my eyebrows, the resemblance is uncanny…

Well, I maaay be exaggerrating a bit but that is who I think I look like because of my eyebrows or the lack thereof. I’ve searched high and low (aka googled it) for the truth behind eyebrows. And then I found trigonometry… the cosine and tangent of eyebrows, that is also connected to the secrets of being an illuminati…




When I saw these instructions, I finally realized that my math teacher wasn’t lying. Math is indeed everywhere. And so are the illuminatis… (what’s the plural form of illuminati? Illuminaties? Illuminatisse?)

So I tried and tried, then tried harder to understand the perplexities of my eyebrows.

Part of this adventure was to purchase different kinds of eyebrow pencils. So last week, I bought a Covergirl eyebrow pencil at Landmark.


I’ve tried this before but the saleslady suggested a different shade for me named “mink”. She was also nice to “draw” my eyebrows for me, otherwise known as “connecting the dots”, and she did a great job. Prior to this, I was used to simply filling out the spaces and didn’t pay too much attention on the shape of my eyebrows. But what she did was amazing. My eyebrows looked more like the images above, with arc, tip and bourgeoisie!

I repurchased this Covergirl eyebrow pencil because it is waterproof. Just imagine a half-made, half non-existent eyebrows. Awkward. I’m not a big fan of the applicator though because the sponge falls off eventually and I still prefer a comb/brush to blend any eyebrow product.

So I tried to emulate what she did to my eyebrows at home. I guess I’m bad at trigonometry….


Yoda, I am.

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