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Unboxing: Walmart Beauty Box for Fall 2015

Out of all my beauty box subscriptions, Walmart Beauty Box is the only one that I haven’t cancelled… yet. First, it’s only quarterly and for $5 per quarter, that’s affordable. Second, I am quite satisfied so far with what I have been getting from them.

While I was opening my Fall Beauty Box, I just realized that I didn’t post my Summer Beauty Box! I’m sooo sorry… again. The reason why I remember this was because one of the items here was a repeat from my Summer Beauty Box.

I always enjoy watching and reading unboxing posts of bloggers/vloggers so I equally enjoy doing it myself. I was “playing” with my accessories when I decided to do this so without any further ado, here it is:


Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick in Gladiolus (full size) retails at $7.97
Neutrogena Healthy Volume (deluxe size) runs at around $19.66 for its full size
Aussie Mega Hairspray (deluxe size) costs $3.74 for a 17 oz. full size
Schick Hydro Silk Disposables are usually in a 3 items per pack. But according to the Walmart’s website, each can cost $3.02.
For a full sized product of Dove Advanced Care Beauty Finish Anti-Perspirant Deodorant (2.6 oz), you can buy it for $6.68 at Walmart
For a 150 ml of L’oreal Paris Sublime Bronze Tinted Self-Tanning Lotion, you can buy it for $9.91

And the foil packs…



Do you want to guess the “repeat” from my Walmart Summer Beauty Box? It’s the Revlon Ultra HD lipstick in Gladiolus. For $7.97, it more than pays for the cost of the box. So somehow, I am not disappointed because I can easily give this as a gift to any of my friends.

Though I prefer the aerosol type of Dove deodorants, I can see myself bringing this along when I travel. 

I am also looking forward to use the Aussie hair spray because I already tried the Aussie hair conditioner and I liked it. 

I am also happy with the Schick razor because I am already planning to buy a new one to replace what I currently have. 

For the Neutrogena mascara, of course I’m satisfied with it! It’s makeup!

However, I am quite hesitant in using the Bioré Self Heating One Minute Mask. Heat + face isn’t exactly a good combination for someone like me who has a sensitive skin.

I also have never used a self-tanning lotion before because I don’t think my skin is that fair anyway. Though I’m thinking of using it to contour my face or as a bronzer. Has anyone used the L’oreal Paris Sublime Bronze Tinted Self-Tanning Lotion before for the face?

Is anything here a staple on your beauty regimen? Or do you have any bad experience from one or more of these products? 



Samples For May 2015

Hello, June!!! We’re already halfway done with 2015 and I am enjoying every day of this year!

As we say goodbye to May (by the way, my second name is “May”, ugh, that people think I was born in May), let me show you my sample finds for last month. I am a newbie to this “hobby” but it sure is exhilarating when you find something that you really find interesting… for free!

Initially, I just browse the internet everyday for freebies to avoid boredom. But now, I can officially admit that I AM A SAMPLE HUNTER, a hunter who doesn’t get her hands dirty! Oops, I need a mani!

When I find a good deal… (Source: Taylor Swift’s stickers in Line chat app)
The samples I got vary; from food, beauty products, medicines and magazines. These are samples from the company without any purchase needed.

Twinnings Tea

Almost everyone I know prefers coffee than tea. Not me! I can drink a tea anytime, any day!

Nivea Cocoa Butter Body Lotion

It smells delicious!
One of the reasons that I like these freebies is coupons!

Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion

I really got to try this!
More savings!

Allegra Antihistamine

Call me Little Miss Achoo! I sneeze like crazy, multiple times, when my allergies attack. My friends and family can’t stop themselves from counting the achoos! Sniff sniff… Antihistamines also help me not to have an anaphylactic shock when I eat something that I’m not supposed to (ehem, shrimp and crabs!).
Major score since this is what I take anyway for my allergies

I would like you to guess this one…

Say what? Am I being deployed? But I’m not a soldier, my husband is!

Heart attack! So this is what it is! Major props for their awesome creativity!
These are the Kotex samples inside the cute and well-thought box.

Nice packaging! I love the color combo!
These are pantiliners.
Kotex Security Long
Kotex Security Regular with Wings
These are their products. On the back, is another coupon. I asked my husband to redeem the coupon at Walmart. Awww, I love him! ❤️
But I guess it will be TOO MUCH if I also ask my husband to stick this on his car, right?! Hihihi…

Men’s Health Magazine

For my hubby since we’re both trying to live a healthier lifestyle… TRYING…

I will do my best to get more free samples and post my “treasure” hunting adventure here. If you know any other ways to get some, please tell us! But for me, I usually go to this website:

Have fun!

Pout your lips as you conquer the world. 💋🌍


Unboxing: Walmart Beauty Box for Spring 2015

As you may have noticed, I like subscribing to beauty boxes. I like the feeling of anticipation of opening boxes that have makeup and other beauty products. But lately, I found myself cramped up with too much products that I haven’t tried yet but want to. So I decided to just retain one subscription box and that is the Walmart Beauty Box.


My first Walmart Beauty Box is for Spring 2015.
I can’t wait for the rest!
What is your “beauty?”

Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes

I have been using Simple Cleansing Micellar Water so I was excited to get this. However, it seems like the two have different formulation because unlike the cleanser, these wipes have slight stinging sensation. The regular pack with 25 wipes retails at $4.49 at Walmart.

Lady Gaga Fame Eau de Parfum

I like perfume samples because there is a lesser commitment than buying the regular bottles.
This perfume can be bought for 0.5 fl oz for $18.77 and for 1 fl oz for $26.97.

Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream

Just like the BB cream for the face, this product boasts of several benefits for the skin. According to the Walmart’s website, it hydrates, brightens, evens out skin tone and tightens the skin. Whew! It costs $8.28 for a 7.5 fl oz.

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Boosters Facial Cleanser

This oil-free cleanser costs $7.26 for a 9 fl oz bottle.

Dove Go Fresh Revitalize Body Wash in Mandarin & Tiare Flower Scent

I have been using this body wash for months now but with the cucumber and green tea scent. This smells great too! The 22 oz. costs $5.47.

St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub

My husband uses this so I will give it to him. I am not a fan of St. Ives scrubs because it breaks me out. For 6 oz of this, you can buy it for $3.59.

Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion

I already got the same sample size from the Nivea website. I haven’t tried it yet though. So is this a lotion or a body wash? Anywaaaay, it costs $5.92 for 13.5 fl. oz.

Ken Paves Shampoo, Conditioner and Mask

Ken Paves is a famous celebrity hair stylist. I always see him on TV. I can’t wait to try these! They cost $12.98, $14.98 and $17.98, respectively.

Dove Dry Spray Freebie

This piece of paper paid for the box! One Dove Dry Spray, which I use, retails at $5.47 at Walmart.

Walmart Beauty Box is only for $5, basically, you’re just paying for the shipping fee. They also send the box quarterly so I have plenty of time to try the products before getting new ones. And since it’s Walmart, you know that the products included on the box can be easily bought at their store or at their website.

But I might change my mind. I might still want to subscribe to something else… (Ehem, Ipsy).


Pout your lips as you conquer the world. 💋🌍

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