I love lipstick! It is my favorite make-up. It instantly brightens my mood. It is the difference between me looking like a zombie versus looking like a lady.👻💀

I don’t have as much as others but I want them all to look organized. I have enough lipsticks to make me wear a different lipstick each day in a month, which I try to do.

I went to Amazon to look for a lipstick organizer. Woah! Cheap and free shipping! Hold your horses!

I ordered this last April 17 and I was surprised with the expected delivery date.

Oh well, free shipping and for $3.73 only! Beggars can’t be choosers. So I ordered two.

But lo and behold, I got them after 10 days.


The packaging is too small so I never thought that it will consist of 2 organizers.
All the way from China
The box is so thin.
So that’s why I heard something jingling inside the box…
One organizer is slightly broken
But the front is fine
The other organizer is perfect
Almost all kind of lipsticks can fit in here
This L’oreal lipstick doesn’t fit if you put it this way
I put it upside down so that it can fit
On my vanity table

Even if it arrived slightly broken, overall I’m satisfied with the organizers. First, they are cheap. For $3.73 each, that’s a steal! Second, free shipping, boom! Third, they arrived earlier than expected. And last, almost all of my lipsticks can fit in there.

Now I need to buy more lipsticks!!!