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Don’t Leave Me Blushing ðŸ˜ŠðŸ˜

I was beyond excited when I finally got my Tarte blushes! I bought it thru my trusted online seller mycalishopper (instagram) by simply giving the url to her.
I had always wanted to try Tarte blushes because they are always part of “The Best” or “The Must-Haves” on most of the beauty checklists that I have read online. So the only way to satisfy my curiosity is to buy an Amazonian clay blush. Not just one, but a set of 3 holiday exclusive blushes.
This set of blushes are smaller than the regular-sized Amazonian Clay blushes. But I like the colors and they are really pigmented! I also love the fact that they included a brush! Love love love ❤️


I totally got my money’s worth!




I use honored for contouring, treasured if I’m wearing a bright or dark lipstick but if I’m wearing something coral or nude on my lips, I prefer using the imagined blush.


Would love to try other Tarte blushes soon!

Pay Day, Buy Day

“I deserve it, right?”, my conscience asked.

“Of course, you do!”, said Lady Echeboreche.

Regular conversation between me, myself and I. Nothing out of the ordinary. It’s just me convincing myself to go ahead and click the “Buy Wishlist”. Anyway, I need to buy a gift for my friend who’s turning 30 this month. Justified, check! And since it’s a Philippine holiday today plus pay day, traffic will be horrible! Horrendous! Que horror! And I hope I was just exaggerating!

I deserve a hassle-free shopping with the ease of one-click options and the convenience of cash-on-delivery. Lady Echeboreche says so.


I want to share my happiness to you so please go ahead and use the code below if you’re a Zalora newbie so you can get 15% off from your first purchase. Sweet!

This code is valid for first purchase of new customers only & for orders P1000 & above. It cannot be used on beauty, mobile, watches, sale items or gift cards. Brand exclusions may also apply.

*** I used Line Camera app for the stickers

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