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Bed Bath & Beyond Mini Haul (Married Life Edition)

I’m newly married and for the meantime, we are renting an apartment. We still need a LOT of furniture to make it homey. To prove my point, my husband still uses a suitcase as his bedside table, errrrr, and he thinks he doesn’t need a real one.  

My husband’s bedside table… a suitcase (well at least it’s a Samsonite!) and a diaper box. We don’t have a kid yet. It’s his nephew’s diaper box. Pfffft!

Good thing that one of the gifts that we received on our wedding was a Bed Bath & Beyond gift card for $100. We decided to use it this weekend plus two discount coupons from BBB. 

$100 Gift Card

I love coupons and want to be an extreme coupon lady, lol

Here is the bag!


First thing we purchased was the Real Simple® Split-Top Bench Storage Unit in Espresso for $89.99. I went to their website and found out about this item and thought that it will look good right at our doorway/entryway.


My husband said that it was easy to install. There is also a wood glue included to stick some of the parts together.  

Yup, those are Hello Kittty Vans shoes! We put shoes that we always use for a regular day out.
Yes… more Hello Kitty! I put the blanket there that I use when I feel cold while watching TV. On the other side are mails or letters.

We both love the ottoman! It looks good and fits right at our small space.

The second one that we bought was a blender. It was a choice between the Oster glass blender and the Hamilton Beach plastic blender. I chose the plastic one because, honestly, I’m a bit of a klutz. I was afraid that I might break the glass. Well, it was cheaper too. The Hamilton Beach® 10-Speed Blender with 48 oz. Plastic Jar was for $19.99 only compared to the Oster blender for $39.99.


Because I wanted fruit shakes…

When we’re about to check-out, I saw these colorful loofah. I must have them!


Paris Presents Daily Luxuries 3-Pack Mesh Bath Sponges in Multicolor for $5.99

I applied a 20% discount coupon to the ottoman and a $5 coupon to the blender. All in all, we still have a $1 and some odd cents left on our gift card.   

It feels great to shop for stuff that you need without spending a single penny!👍🏼😄



The Perfect Solution: Mac Haul

A few days before my wedding, I was crying because my skin was horrible. It was dry, flaky, red, wrinkly and my makeup looks chalky when applied.

I told my fiancé (then) to move the wedding date for another month so that my skin can finally adjust to the cold weather.

But he had a better solution. He said he’ll buy me new makeup.

I really thought an angel was rocking her harp when I heard MAKE-UP
I really thought an angel was rocking her harp when I heard MAKE-UP (image:
So a day before the wedding, we went to Macy’s and went straight ahead to the Mac counter.

Prior to that day, I have always loved Mac. I tried their lipsticks, eyeshadows and mascara before. But I always want to know my foundation shade. The Mac consultant said I’m NC30 for my foundation and Medium Plus for my powder. She used a Moisture Infusion Serum Primer together with the Mineralize Moisture SPF15 Foundation. She tapped a bit of Mineralize Skinfinish Powder on my t-zone then spritzed Charged Water all over my face.

Magic! No redness. No chalkiness. I was ready to get married!

My husband said that I could buy everything that was used on me. (🎶Angels we have heard on high🎶) 

The consultant said that I should also try their brush cleaner.

The damage has been done
A month after the purchase, I returned the brush cleaner because it didn’t seem to work when I used it for the first time. Lesson: always keep your receipts.

Here what’s left from my Mac haul, approximately 2 months after the purchase with a bit of my two cents.

The Mac consultant used a spritzer to put this on my face. I was disappointed that it only has a regular lotion-like hole.
I would probably love it, and not just like it, if it has a sponge/poof applicator for an easier on-the-go application
I like the 190 brush because it has the right kind of softness and firmness needed to easily apply a foundation. However, I don’t like the 150 brush because it sheds a lot. Just imagine the awkward conversation you have to make when someone has noticed a small black hair-like on your face!
My new holy grail! It’s the right kind of shade and I don’t look too made-up
Any foundation becomes better when you use this
What’s your favorite Mac product?



Reason for the blog hiatus…

I am ENGAGED!!! ❤️❤️❤️



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