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Don’t Leave Me Blushing ðŸ˜ŠðŸ˜

I was beyond excited when I finally got my Tarte blushes! I bought it thru my trusted online seller mycalishopper (instagram) by simply giving the url to her.
I had always wanted to try Tarte blushes because they are always part of “The Best” or “The Must-Haves” on most of the beauty checklists that I have read online. So the only way to satisfy my curiosity is to buy an Amazonian clay blush. Not just one, but a set of 3 holiday exclusive blushes.
This set of blushes are smaller than the regular-sized Amazonian Clay blushes. But I like the colors and they are really pigmented! I also love the fact that they included a brush! Love love love ❤️


I totally got my money’s worth!




I use honored for contouring, treasured if I’m wearing a bright or dark lipstick but if I’m wearing something coral or nude on my lips, I prefer using the imagined blush.


Would love to try other Tarte blushes soon!

Lady Echeboreche is a Queen of Extreme

I finally got my October BDJ box! I was completely surprised because I didn’t receive any email that my beauty box was on its way.
I was more surprised that I got two boxes! Then, I just died and went to heaven when I saw what’s inside the package. Make-up!
After being revived from my sudden death, I opened the 2 boxes thinking that the contents were different from each other, just like the September BDJ box. Then my feeling of elation changed to curiosity when I found out that they are exactly the same. I’m not sure why I got 2 BDJ boxes. I already emailed their customer service to ask why. I received an Out of Office reply saying that they’ll be able to reply to my message on October 17. Let’s wait and see... (Update: Mistake Proofing)

Going back to my October goodies, BDJ box’s theme for this month is “Express Yourself Fearlessly”. Fierce.
I like BDJ box’s teasers. For this month, their teaser is “Which Type of Girl Are You?”. My friend and I were having a hard time guessing what products we’re going to get for October. Well, it’s a wonderful mind-game and I never imagined that we’ll be receiving Maybelline products. But I did tell my friend that it got something to do with make-up. T’was a lovely surprise! I am quite a make-up junkie (and I had to laugh so hard when BDJ thinks I’m the Queen of Extreme. Because I am, *wink*).

The box for this month consists exclusively of Maybelline products. The boxes are of 6 variants and I got the Queen of Extreme. So far, I saw 2 other types in instagram; Wild Thing and Femme Fatale. Others have different mascaras & lippies. Some have different eye makeup.

So to my fellow royal beauties, here are my Maybelline haul fit for a Queen of Extreme:







I am particularly excited with the Volum’ Express Rocket mascara because I read a lot of good reviews about it and it is one of their new products.

And of course, it wouldn’t be a BDJ box if it doesn’t have a voucher. Plus, they also included a Maybelline Card:


I always get my money’s worth with my BDJ boxes. Total value of all the products is Php 1973 (I don’t know how much a Maybelline make-up remover is so the voucher’s price is not included). For all of these, I only paid Php 580 on their website. So that’s Php 1393 worth of free goodies! 😍

Can’t wait to try them all! ❤️

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