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March 2015

When my friend from Texas visited me here at the East coast for my wedding, I whined to her my skin dilemma: I feel like I’m 32 years old. She started thinking for a while and probably made some mental computation and realized that we’re of the same age, “but YOU are 32 years old!”

My skin looks old

Almost got her, lol! However, my skin looked a bit younger when I was at a tropical country. As what I’ve mentioned on my last post, I’m still on a quest to have a better skin. I want my skin to look moisturized and I want to get rid of the small wrinkles around my eyes that suddenly appeared when I got here even though I have more than enough sleep.

So I need another online shopping! I spent $64.66 this time around. Originally, I was thinking of just getting a face mask. But I didn’t want to pay a shipping fee, so I got to reach $50 (excuses 😂).

Story of my online shopping life

What’s Inside: 2 products & 6 samples
Hopefully, this will help my eyelids and the area below my eyes to feel and look hydrated. It looks small though for its price. I forgot to check the product details thoroughly again, tsk.

Origins Eye Doctor™ Moisture Care For Skin Around Eyes Eye Doctor™ Moisture Care For Skin Around Eyes for $36 (15 ml)
I love facial masks that you can leave on your face when you’re about to sleep!

Origins Drink Up™ Intensive Overnight Mask / Drink Up™ Intensive Overnight Mask for $25 (100 ml)

Here are the samples I got from Sephora:

I got all Origins products for my first Sephora purchase ever on my own. Is it worth it? Let’s see… 


The Quest… The Haul…

A lot has changed since I last posted… Dry skin, check! Flaky scalp, check! Happy with a husband, check check! 😀

Yes, I’m officially living in the United States of uhMerikuh (that’s how I pronounce it, by the way). Ever since I got here, I’m on a quest to find new beauty products that will suit me on this weather. The products that I used in the Philippines don’t work here anymore for me.

While I’m working on my learner’s permit to drive, I have to contend myself with my most favorite hobby of all time: online shopping!

image from
image from
Drumroll please… For my first Ulta haul!!! Okay, it’s not a big deal. I didn’t spend hundreds of dollars on my first Ulta haul because the money ain’t my hard-earned, y’all! It’s my husband’s sweat at stake, y’all! Kidding aside, I try to keep it on a minimum just enough to get the free shipping sweetness.

Paid $53.50 (plus 4 freebies)
I saw this small Ulta box at my doorstep like they belong there as soon as we got home from a family friend’s dinner for us. On the same note, I was first appalled when delivery people here don’t wait for you to sign for your package, i.e. our TV stand ordered online, and they just leave them outside your door (not unless of course it’s jewelry).

The quest starts here…

Saved  $2.50
$2.50 each but you get half the price for the 2nd one

$1.99 each

And the quest ends here…

The next item is purely out of my desire to try this…


The freebies for getting the Lancôme lippie: an eye makeup remover & mascara (sweeeet)
But wait til you see the  “variety sampler”  samples I got from Ulta:

Zzzzzz … oh sorry, I fell asleep!
Well, they’re better than nothing, right?! No more complaints here!

And the fact that I spent more for my want than my need… HaRshtag sorrynotsorry😉😝😜


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