I have always been a fan of Revlon. There was a time that almost all of the make-up and beauty tools that I was using were from Revlon.

So I was excited to know that they have this new lipstick that a lot of people are liking very much.

The REVLON ULTRA HD lipstick is described on their website as, 

Revolutionary wax-free gel technology for true color clarity in one smooth swipe. Available in 20 high-definition shades.”

They got me with the “Revolutionary”! Revolutionary Revlon, why not!

I bought my first Revlon Ultra HD lipstick at Walmart for $7.97 while the other 2 are from Target for $7.99 each.


I love the transparent cap for it makes it easier for me to see the shade of the lipstick. But personally, I don’t like square lipstick caps because I tend to hit the lipstick bullet trying to figure out how to close or open it. It messes up the cap and the holder of the lipstick bullet. But then again, I’m also a bit of a klutz and probably didn’t do well with the shape sorter toys when I was a kid, lol.

This is my first Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick from Walmart
Orchid is a vibrant yet very wearable pink
Petunia is brownish red and is very pigmented.

My recent purchase, Primrose, is a perfect MLBB.

I find that all of them are very hydrating to my lips. Orchid is the most sheer among the three of them while Petunia is the most pigmented.

They wear off easily like a normal lipstick when you eat or drink but Petunia leaves a good faded color on the lips.

The consistency when it comes to re-application after it has faded is not the same. I find that the Petunia is the best among the three.

I obviously have all the praises for Petunia, my first lipstick from the collection, that’s why I opted to buy the other shades.

I’m thinking of buying two more of these lipsticks, Dahlia and Iris, based from what I saw from their website.

What do you think? Have you ever tried Revlon Ultra HD Lipsticks before?

Link to Walmart

Link to Target

***Other images (as indicated) are from http://www.Revlon.com***