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Unboxing: June 2015 Birchbox 

I was disappointed with last month’s Birchbox. Honestly, I just resubscribed because I finally got my free Beautyblender sponge.

So I didn’t expect too much this month…


Each box this month has a unique code that you can use to enter on wherein you can get discounts, points and other goodies.

This looks promising. There are 6 products all in all.

Two of my least favorite colors: Pink and Orange. But they do look good for summer so I can see past that.


I absolutely love this! This is the “lifestyle extra” included in my box this month. I have thin hair and this clip can hold all of my hair into a bun for that easy-I-dont-care-wearing-my-PJs hairstyle. I know you’re supposed to use this for sectioning when your styling your hair but so far, what I thought of is the most practical one.

Real Chemistry Luminous 3-Minute Peel

First sentence on the “Directions”… “This is not a mask.” Fiiiine, snappy much!? 😅 It says on the box that it is an acid-free peel that you massage to your face until small bead-like dead skin forms. This reminds me so much of this Japanese product, Cure Natural Aqua Gel, that I got on my September 2013 BDJ Box (a subscription box in the Philippines).

Supergoop! Everyday SPF 50 with Cellular Response Technology

That name is a mouthful! But I appreciate sunscreen products anytime! Supergoop is popular for their sunscreen products so I am looking forward in bringing this to my trip to California next month.

Marcelle Waterproof Eyeliner

Because everyone needs an indigo eyeliner when they’re swimming…

Joie Folle de Joie Eau de Parfum

Even if I don’t know how to pronounce this product, I still like perfume samples so this is a thumbs-up for me.

Marcelle BB Cream Golden Glow

I thought it was too dark for my skin but it blended well on the back of my hand as I was swatching it so let’s see when I use this on my face.

Overall Impression

So, am I saying YES to June 2015 Birchbox? Yes, I’m satisfied. I can see myself trying everything on this box.

Pout your lips as you conquer the world. 💋🌍

Unboxing: Too Faced Cosmetics Mini Haul

Remember this? I got my order this week and I’m so excited to show them to you.


The sides of the box…  

Too Faced Shadow Insurance

This is my first eyeshadow primer since I don’t usually wear eyeshadow anyway. I heard a lot of good things about this one so I can’t wait to use this not only for my Too Faced eyeshadow palette but also for my new BH Cosmetics eyeshadow.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Collection

I heard about this palette first from “From Head To Toe” beauty blogger/vlogger then eventually, it seems like this palette has become  everyone’s must-have.


They also included a cheat sheet/tutorial on how to create different looks using this palette.


I will try my best to try one of these! 😅

I heard that they made some changes with the packaging. There were some complaints on how it looked so bulky and hollow. However I can say that the new packaging is sleeker and made out of durable tin can, or plastic, I’m a bit confused on what’s it made out of but I like it. I’m gearing toward it being a metal though.

So why chocolate? Besides that it’s made with 100% cocoa that makes chocolates, it also smells like cocoa! I want to eat it! When I first showed it to my friend who doesn’t wear make-up, she really thought it was a real chocolate before I opened the packaging!


The colors are so lovely!

The samples

This is their new foundation that will be launched on June 15.

I will use this first before using the full size that I just bought.

The Pocket Damage


You can never go wrong with free shipping and a discount!

Wish me luck! Hopefully I can pull this off!

Pout your lips as you conquer the world. 💋🌍 


From UK… from LOVE

Yes, you read that right. It’s not just “From UK with love” but it is also “From UK from Love”! I got a package from my big sister who lives in United Kingdom and my parents call her fondly as “Love”. I’m “Darling” and she’s “Love” when my parents are not mad at us, hehe.

I was so EXCITED!!! But it was not a surprise because my sister already told me what’s inside… and there’s a slip taped in front of the box for customs.
Drum roll, please!!!


2 Shirts for my husband


Unfortunately, the shirts didn’t fit my hubby. So, in short, they’re now mine too! 😅

Michael Kors sunglasses  


I love!!! I am a fan of super big shades. I can’t wait to wear these this summer!

Diesel sunglasses


I am so ready for summer! Bring the heat on!

Cath Kidston Kingswood Rose Mini Satchel


Isn’t this adorable! This purse is perfect for spring and summer! I am not a fan of flower printed things but the flowers here look a bit abstract. The black background made it also look classy and modern.

YSL Lipstick 


This YSL Rouge Volupté Shine lipstick was my special request and this is my first YSL lipstick! My sister, together with my nieces, chose Rose In Tension (#17) for me. I intentionally  didn’t swatch it yet so I can make a post solely for this one.

By the way, the purse and the lipstick look so good together! 

Am I the luckiest little sister ever!

Pout your lips as you conquer the world. 💋🌍 


My Favorite Concoction For My Worst Face Days

I have a sensitive skin and it has gotten more sensitive when I arrived here in the US, most probably because my skin is adjusting to the weather, food and everything else in between.

Last Sunday, I woke up looking up like this.

I already put my original “concoction” but before that, my face was scaly, dry and itchy. But you can still see the redness here.

This is not the face you put on instagram and hashtag #IWokeUpLikeThis. 

This is the face you don’t want to see in the mirror first thing in the morning. 

This is NOT what you want to look like two days before your state ID picture-taking.

So I sent this photo to my husband and this was his reaction and my reply to his reaction. 


But thanks to a combination of every beauty products that work for me, I was back to normal within 24 hours.

So what’s my secret? An equal dollop of all of the products below.  

My brother-in-law told me about this and how it works for his kids. We bought this at Walmart for $6.72. It makes my skin soft and moisturized.
Bought this one at Target for $4.99 and it DEFINITELY relieves the itchiness and redness on my face
Because you should always put a sunscreen… Bought this at Target for $8.39

As you may noticed, the Aquaphor and the Aveeno Hydrocortisone are almost empty (while writing this post, I am texting my husband to pass by Walmart or Target) because unfortunately, last Sunday was not the only worst face day for me lately. On the other hand, I only use the Aveeno sunscreen when I go out of the house.


How Aquaphor looks like when you open it
How Aquaphor looks like when it is applied to the skin
How Aveeno® Active Naturals Anti-itch Cream looks like when you open it
How Aveeno® Active Naturals Anti-itch Cream looks like when it is applied to the skin
How Aveeno Smart Essentials Daily Nourishing Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30 looks like when you open it
How Aveeno Smart Essentials Daily Nourishing Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30 looks like when it is applied to the skin

I only use the Aveeno hydrocortisone if my face is red and itchy. I also add another step if I will go out of the house. I blot my face first with a single ply of a facial tissue (as what I’ve learned from Wayne Goss, the famous YouTuber), before I put on my foundation. I usually do this right after I blow dry my hair so my “concoction” will be absorbed by my skin thoroughly and the excess will simply be removed by the tissue. Remember, just pat your face with the tissue ever so gently and don’t rub it.

So far, this works for me. 

I hope to read some of your original beauty concoction too.


Unboxing: April 2015 Birchbox

Birchbox partnered with Mad Men to come up with a beauty box, on top of the regular one, this month.

You see, I’ve been loving Mad Men lately and have been binge watching on Netflix. Who doesn’t love the dapper Don Draper, the vixen Joan, the poised Betty and the preppy Peggy?! I love their clothes, their make-up and their accessories that I was even thinking of channeling their fashion sense once I start working again, lol.   

I started from Season 1 last month and now I’m on Season 6, woohoo!

So dainty!
Joan is fierce!
Joan told Peggy to stop dressing like a little girl on this scene. But honestly, I like this blue dress!
Betty said what I feel about the Mad Men characters

So Mad Men basically influenced my decision a lot on why I got the Birchbox for April 2015. For $10, why not give it a try.

The box is pretty!
Hello there, smoking Don Draper! It seems like almost all of the characters in Mad Men are smoking, drinking and having extramarital affairs , lol
A brief description of what’s inside the box and their prices if bought in full size.
The other 2 items are inside the green Birchbox box.
For the hair…
For the body…
For the face as highlighter…
For the lips…
A sample perfume
Three of the 5 items can be considered deluxe/travel size. 

I am not sure though which Mad Men character has inspired this box. I was thinking of Peggy because of the MLBB lipstick and the body wash. For all those who didn’t know Peggy, she was a secretary of Don Draper turned copywriter because she’s smart and ambitious. She works so hard and play hardball with the men around her. She wears considerably simple clothes for that era and wears barely there makeup. 

I can see Peggy in me. But I can be Joan too if I want to, *wink*.

***All Mad Men photos are screen captured from the series***



Unboxing: April 2015 Ipsy

It’s my first beauty box here in the US! Of course, I was excited when I got it! I love subscribing to monthly beauty boxes back in the Philippines (please see the category Beauty Box for my previous posts) so it’s just right to maintain my tradition, lol.


The famous pink bubble wrap! So fab!
I love the straw pouch! It feels like home for me! We have a lot of products like this back in the Philippines.
I can say that most of my clothes and accessories can be best described as boho chic-ish. One thing that I noticed though is that they don’t have an insert that will itemize what’s inside the box.
First Item: I’m not familiar with the brand but it’s great because it’s in full size.
I love the shade of this blush! I’m actually on a lookout for a new blush. I haven’t swatched it yet though.
I am not really a fan of lipglosses. I used to when I wasn’t adventurous yet with the color of my lip products but not anymore. I now prefer really pigmented and long-lasting lipsticks.
This smells nice. I would also like to assume that I am indeed SOPHISTICATED and SENSUAL. 😝
I like getting facial serums on my boxes
I love The Balm! I was actually thinking of getting this palette so it’s cool to try one of the shades in this palette.
Sophisticated… Sensual… and FLIRTY!!! Yeah, it makes sense, lol! I absolutely love this shade! It looks wearable but with an oomph because of the shimmer.
I answered my profile quiz differently after I got this because I didn’t realize that you can choose several answers on some of the questions. I was really hoping to get that Too Faced Melted Lipstick so I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t have this on my box.

Better luck, next time.



Target Haul: not the #lillyfortarget one…

I did a haul last Saturday for some beauty products, jammies, ballet flats and stuff that I can use to start working out.


And I’ve been a bad girl because I did get over my head because it cost me more than $200 for the haul which was beyond my budget.

So here are the results of my sin… 

The Workout Clothes 

2 Sports Bra for $16.99 each
I need high support all right! Insert hashtag #8ProblemsBustyWomenCanRelateTo

2 Workout Pants for $14.99 each
3 Workout Long-sleeves Top for $14.99 each
It’s still a bit chilly and windy outside and for the other warmer days, these ones are still good because they have this jersey style outline on the back.

Now here comes the cute stuff!

Ballet Flats for $9.99
These flats are the cutest! And cheap! They’re on clearance sale and they used to be $19.99

2 Jammies for $14.99 each
The prints on these jammies are so adorable! The purple one is called “Whale Tail” while the green one is called “Hipster Pig”. So cute!

The Beauty Haul

Storage Organizer for $9.99
I’m thinking of putting this inside the drawer of my vanity table. 

Revlon’s Marchesa Nail File for $4.89
I need one…and I still can’t afford a Marchesa dress… and I love purple. Justified!

Revlon’s Marchesa Cuticle Trimming Tool for $10.29
I might return this one. I honestly thought it was a pair of tweezers. I already have a cuticle nipper that is also from Revlon, the usual scissor type one, so I won’t need this. Tsk tsk, got blinded by the cuteness and didn’t see anything else. The TV series “Brain Games” call it Inattentional Blindness. I call it Blinded By Its Beauty.😅

Instant Cuticle Remover for $3.99
Sally Hansen’s Base & Top Coat for $3.99
Sally Hansen’s Nail Polish in “Pink Pong” shade for $4.99
The purchase of these nail products basically tells you that my husband can’t find the reason in spending $$$ for a professional manicure-pedicure. Argh! Back in the Philippines, I have my own personal “nail technician” that goes to my house to do my nails twice a month. How I miss those times!

And guess what? I only have 2 make-up products on this haul! How sad…

Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick in Orchid for $7.99
I love love this Ultra HD Lipsticks! I already got the “Petunia” shade and I find it super pigmented and moisturizing on my lips.

Revlon Eyeshadow in “Not Just Nudes” for $5.99
My first eyeshadow palette that I purchased using my hard-earned money was from Revlon so I guess it’s time to buy a new one after 9 years! I’m not an expert in putting eye make-up so I usually don’t bother putting some but I read somewhere that this palette is one of their must-haves.

So for my body and face…

Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream for $10.79
I already used up my Cerave Cream so I might as well try another body cream for sensitive skin. It was also highly recommended by a friend who lives in California.  
Simple Cleansing Micellar Water for $6.99
This is heaven sent! I’m almost done with the first bottle so it’s time to buy another one. It doesn’t sting at all and it effectively removes make-up. It’s beyond perfection!  

Simple Moisturizing Facial Wash for $5.99
Because of my undying love to the Simple Micellar Water, I thought of trying this one too.

So there you go. It might not be the Lilly Pulitzer for Target haul that people want to see these days but I might say it’s worth every penny. Seriously, the only reason why I didn’t join the craze yesterday was because I didn’t know. But then again, I’m not the flowery, pastel type anyway. But then again, I might just be feeling bitter. 😂



Mario Badescu Free Samples

Yes, you read the word F-R-E-E correctly. No shipping fee. No. Nada.

All you need to do is answer a simple questionnaire on Mario Badescu‘s website so they can customize the samples that they will give to you openheartedly for freeeeee (I do elongate my E’s on the word FREE 😂).

Click the picture to direct you to their website ==>
Several hours after I answered the questions, I received an email like this…

Excited much!

Almost a week has passed when I finally got my Mario Badescu samples… 


It’s great that they also included a guide on how and when to apply their products.

Product Application Page 1

Product Application Page 2
There was also a Product Guide that gives us a brief description of their products and their prices.

A page about their eye creams. They have cleansers, toners/astringents, moisturizers, protective creams, special face creams/emulsions, night creams, masks, exfoliants, sun products, hand creams, bath & body, men’s products, hair products, acne products and kits.

Skin Type classification. Based on the samples that I got, they identified me as “C, D, S”.
Here are the samples: 

Hyaluronic Moisturizer SPF 15

I love everything that has SPF. This one has a faint sweet smell and can be used as a daily moisturizer. I tried it and it’s good for springtime but probably not enough for my face during winter.

Regular price is $24 for 2 oz.

Drying Cream

It smells a bit like vanilla and looks like a mocha ice cream, yum! I swear by it. It effectively dried up the pesky little pimple that has been overstaying for a week on the corner of my mouth. (Side note: I read that pimple on the mouth means I need to eat more veggies and fruits, argh!)

With one dab of this product on my pimple, it dried up overnight! I will surely buy this one.

Regular price for 1/2 oz is $17.

Strawberry Face Scrub

It smells like, um, strawberries! You can find this under the “exfoliants” page of the Product Guide. I haven’t used this one yet because I think my face is still too sensitive for any exfoliation.

Regular price for 4 oz is $15.

Aloe Lotion

At first, I got confused with this one. It sure doesn’t look like a body lotion because it’s too watery. So I checked the Product Guide and it’s under “toners/astringents”. It doesn’t have a distinct smell but it definitely smells nice. I try not to use any astringents or toner yet, especially with alcohol, so I haven’t tried this one. This one has 2% alcohol plus the aloe so it might be tolerable to most people. It comes with 3 sizes: 8 oz ($15), 16 oz ($26) and 32 oz ($45).

Flower and Tonic Mask

This one is very interesting. It says on the guide that it’s a purifying and calming mask that absorbs dirt and oil and calms minor redness and irritation. Redness and irritation are the best two words to describe my face most of the time recently so I’m looking forward in using this mask.

Regular price for 2 oz. is $18

Orange Cleansing Soap

I haven’t opened this one yet and it’s under “cleansers” on the Product Guide. It says that it’s non-oily and non-detergent so I guess it won’t be too sudsy, not so sure about that though. I should better try it first. It comes into 2 sizes: 8 oz for $12 and 16 oz for $20.

Glycolic Eye Cream

I would have loved this sample if it’s on a bottle too. I absolutely in need of an eye cream because wrinkles have been showing under my eyes lately  that were never been there 3 months ago and I didn’t even have my birthday yet! Cold and dry weather, curse you!

Regular price for 1/2 oz is $20.

Bee Pollen Night Cream

I love night creams! I’m appreciating them now that I’m “normal” because I used to work on a graveyard shift so that messed up the purpose of a having a night cream. My dilemma was, “should I put my day cream at night because I’m awake and put night cream during the day when I’m about to sleep?” My circadian rhythm was already so whacked to be even bothered with day and night creams. Oh before I forget (too much side note eh), regular price for 1 oz. of this cream is for $20.

I have to thank a piece of heaven called blogosphere for talking about how to score these free samples. 

I may not become a supermodel like Naomi Campbell, but at least our face is being made by the same company.


The Perfect Solution: Mac Haul

A few days before my wedding, I was crying because my skin was horrible. It was dry, flaky, red, wrinkly and my makeup looks chalky when applied.

I told my fiancé (then) to move the wedding date for another month so that my skin can finally adjust to the cold weather.

But he had a better solution. He said he’ll buy me new makeup.

I really thought an angel was rocking her harp when I heard MAKE-UP
I really thought an angel was rocking her harp when I heard MAKE-UP (image:
So a day before the wedding, we went to Macy’s and went straight ahead to the Mac counter.

Prior to that day, I have always loved Mac. I tried their lipsticks, eyeshadows and mascara before. But I always want to know my foundation shade. The Mac consultant said I’m NC30 for my foundation and Medium Plus for my powder. She used a Moisture Infusion Serum Primer together with the Mineralize Moisture SPF15 Foundation. She tapped a bit of Mineralize Skinfinish Powder on my t-zone then spritzed Charged Water all over my face.

Magic! No redness. No chalkiness. I was ready to get married!

My husband said that I could buy everything that was used on me. (🎶Angels we have heard on high🎶) 

The consultant said that I should also try their brush cleaner.

The damage has been done
A month after the purchase, I returned the brush cleaner because it didn’t seem to work when I used it for the first time. Lesson: always keep your receipts.

Here what’s left from my Mac haul, approximately 2 months after the purchase with a bit of my two cents.

The Mac consultant used a spritzer to put this on my face. I was disappointed that it only has a regular lotion-like hole.
I would probably love it, and not just like it, if it has a sponge/poof applicator for an easier on-the-go application
I like the 190 brush because it has the right kind of softness and firmness needed to easily apply a foundation. However, I don’t like the 150 brush because it sheds a lot. Just imagine the awkward conversation you have to make when someone has noticed a small black hair-like on your face!
My new holy grail! It’s the right kind of shade and I don’t look too made-up
Any foundation becomes better when you use this
What’s your favorite Mac product?



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