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It’s My Birthday!!!

I am more addicted to Hello Kitty than to make-up because I have been loving her since I was a kid! So my sweet husband got this on my birthday. 😘🎂

The cutest!


You Win Some, Winsome (The Return)

I am thankful to be so blessed!

If you haven’t read this and that, then you have to, hehehe. These are my previous posts where I announced that I won something.

Guess what? I won again!


So for those who don’t know what Influenster is, let me try to explain it.

By signing up to their website (you can go there thru my referral link) you will get surveys on your email or on their app. Based on your answers, they will determine if you are qualified for an upcoming campaign. If you are qualified, you will get free, yup, FREE or COMPLIMENTARY products. Just blog, tweet or basically post anything on your social media accounts about the products that you have received and your corresponding product reviews. Don’t forget the disclaimer that the “product was complimentary for testing purposes”.

They also have several contests that you can join to win sweeeeet stuff like what I did. I was aiming for the Keurig really, a lot of the Influensters got one, but a megabox is still awesome!

Sweet sweet prizes!!!

Fun isn’t it! I can’t wait to get my paws on my prize! 🐾

Samples For May 2015

Hello, June!!! We’re already halfway done with 2015 and I am enjoying every day of this year!

As we say goodbye to May (by the way, my second name is “May”, ugh, that people think I was born in May), let me show you my sample finds for last month. I am a newbie to this “hobby” but it sure is exhilarating when you find something that you really find interesting… for free!

Initially, I just browse the internet everyday for freebies to avoid boredom. But now, I can officially admit that I AM A SAMPLE HUNTER, a hunter who doesn’t get her hands dirty! Oops, I need a mani!

When I find a good deal… (Source: Taylor Swift’s stickers in Line chat app)
The samples I got vary; from food, beauty products, medicines and magazines. These are samples from the company without any purchase needed.

Twinnings Tea

Almost everyone I know prefers coffee than tea. Not me! I can drink a tea anytime, any day!

Nivea Cocoa Butter Body Lotion

It smells delicious!
One of the reasons that I like these freebies is coupons!

Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion

I really got to try this!
More savings!

Allegra Antihistamine

Call me Little Miss Achoo! I sneeze like crazy, multiple times, when my allergies attack. My friends and family can’t stop themselves from counting the achoos! Sniff sniff… Antihistamines also help me not to have an anaphylactic shock when I eat something that I’m not supposed to (ehem, shrimp and crabs!).
Major score since this is what I take anyway for my allergies

I would like you to guess this one…

Say what? Am I being deployed? But I’m not a soldier, my husband is!

Heart attack! So this is what it is! Major props for their awesome creativity!
These are the Kotex samples inside the cute and well-thought box.

Nice packaging! I love the color combo!
These are pantiliners.
Kotex Security Long
Kotex Security Regular with Wings
These are their products. On the back, is another coupon. I asked my husband to redeem the coupon at Walmart. Awww, I love him! ❤️
But I guess it will be TOO MUCH if I also ask my husband to stick this on his car, right?! Hihihi…

Men’s Health Magazine

For my hubby since we’re both trying to live a healthier lifestyle… TRYING…

I will do my best to get more free samples and post my “treasure” hunting adventure here. If you know any other ways to get some, please tell us! But for me, I usually go to this website:

Have fun!

Pout your lips as you conquer the world. 💋🌍


Happy Mother’s Day

To all the mothers and other kinds of mothers out there…  

Thankful To The 88

I got 88 followers on my new Twitter account within the span of 12 hours! 

I celebrate little things like these.

Thank you soooooo much!


Please check my new Twitter account @ladyecheboreche.

I follow back! ✅


Let There Be Peace…

It’s a major city in my new home state so what’s going on in Baltimore has really saddened me… 


I’m A Lazy Blogger

In the span of 3 years, I only made…


I will try to post more, promise.😳😟😐



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