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Lady Echeboreche is a Queen of Extreme

I finally got my October BDJ box! I was completely surprised because I didn’t receive any email that my beauty box was on its way.
I was more surprised that I got two boxes! Then, I just died and went to heaven when I saw what’s inside the package. Make-up!
After being revived from my sudden death, I opened the 2 boxes thinking that the contents were different from each other, just like the September BDJ box. Then my feeling of elation changed to curiosity when I found out that they are exactly the same. I’m not sure why I got 2 BDJ boxes. I already emailed their customer service to ask why. I received an Out of Office reply saying that they’ll be able to reply to my message on October 17. Let’s wait and see... (Update: Mistake Proofing)

Going back to my October goodies, BDJ box’s theme for this month is “Express Yourself Fearlessly”. Fierce.
I like BDJ box’s teasers. For this month, their teaser is “Which Type of Girl Are You?”. My friend and I were having a hard time guessing what products we’re going to get for October. Well, it’s a wonderful mind-game and I never imagined that we’ll be receiving Maybelline products. But I did tell my friend that it got something to do with make-up. T’was a lovely surprise! I am quite a make-up junkie (and I had to laugh so hard when BDJ thinks I’m the Queen of Extreme. Because I am, *wink*).

The box for this month consists exclusively of Maybelline products. The boxes are of 6 variants and I got the Queen of Extreme. So far, I saw 2 other types in instagram; Wild Thing and Femme Fatale. Others have different mascaras & lippies. Some have different eye makeup.

So to my fellow royal beauties, here are my Maybelline haul fit for a Queen of Extreme:







I am particularly excited with the Volum’ Express Rocket mascara because I read a lot of good reviews about it and it is one of their new products.

And of course, it wouldn’t be a BDJ box if it doesn’t have a voucher. Plus, they also included a Maybelline Card:


I always get my money’s worth with my BDJ boxes. Total value of all the products is Php 1973 (I don’t know how much a Maybelline make-up remover is so the voucher’s price is not included). For all of these, I only paid Php 580 on their website. So that’s Php 1393 worth of free goodies! 😍

Can’t wait to try them all! ❤️

Review: Urban Decay De-Slick Mattifying Powder

I bought this because of its packaging. Yeah, I can really be that shallow. 😜 First and foremost, I like color purple so that’s a big check. I also find the intricate silver design on the cover very interesting so I will pretty much reuse the container.

Probably the most expensive powder that I have, it’s worth Php 1500; bought it from a US-based online seller. So the question is, does it “de-slick and mattify” my face? For me, it’s not that consistent. Sometimes, it does. Sometimes, it doesn’t. Probably it’s not meant for a very humid weather like the Philippines. I tried applying it on top of a Maybelline pressed powder that was already on my face. It was not a good idea because it made my face cakey. I do not recommend applying another layer of it on your face especially on top of another powder because it really has the tendency to be cakey (though it is suggested on the packaging).

I read some reviews that it’s best to use a brush instead of the puff included on the product. I totally agree with that because the puff is quite flimsy and using a brush will spread the product more evenly. Even though it is translucent (best for all complexion), it is best to apply it thinly to avoid making it cakey (for the nth time).😜



Good side, I like the minty scent. It’s a bit relaxing.
So there you go, I like the packaging and its scent. But not a good buy for me for Php 1500.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐️ out of ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Yoda, I’m not

For those who have no idea who Yoda is, he is a well-loved Star Wars character…


Charming as he may be, I don’t want to look like him. But without my eyebrows, the resemblance is uncanny…

Well, I maaay be exaggerrating a bit but that is who I think I look like because of my eyebrows or the lack thereof. I’ve searched high and low (aka googled it) for the truth behind eyebrows. And then I found trigonometry… the cosine and tangent of eyebrows, that is also connected to the secrets of being an illuminati…




When I saw these instructions, I finally realized that my math teacher wasn’t lying. Math is indeed everywhere. And so are the illuminatis… (what’s the plural form of illuminati? Illuminaties? Illuminatisse?)

So I tried and tried, then tried harder to understand the perplexities of my eyebrows.

Part of this adventure was to purchase different kinds of eyebrow pencils. So last week, I bought a Covergirl eyebrow pencil at Landmark.


I’ve tried this before but the saleslady suggested a different shade for me named “mink”. She was also nice to “draw” my eyebrows for me, otherwise known as “connecting the dots”, and she did a great job. Prior to this, I was used to simply filling out the spaces and didn’t pay too much attention on the shape of my eyebrows. But what she did was amazing. My eyebrows looked more like the images above, with arc, tip and bourgeoisie!

I repurchased this Covergirl eyebrow pencil because it is waterproof. Just imagine a half-made, half non-existent eyebrows. Awkward. I’m not a big fan of the applicator though because the sponge falls off eventually and I still prefer a comb/brush to blend any eyebrow product.

So I tried to emulate what she did to my eyebrows at home. I guess I’m bad at trigonometry….


Yoda, I am.

This is how I do my beauty products review: Bare Naturals Seaweed Beautifying And Contouring Mask

– from my tumblr account

I love using a lot of facial masks before but went lazy when I started working. Putting on a facial mask after work seemed not appealing to me when done in the morning (night shift sucks!). So now that I’m in the mid shift and can sleep at night, I’m back to experimenting with facial masks.
I have read a lot about the brand Bare Naturals online and got interested first with their brushes. They are a Philippine-based company selling mineral products ranging from brushes, bath & body and cosmetics. (Check their website at ) But one boring night while browsing, I saw their facial mask and it says: “Seaweed Beautifying And Contouring Facial Mask with real Japanese seaweeds… Makes pore smaller, helps dry up acne, cystic pimples, rinse away blackheads. Makes skin supple and smoother. Makes wrinkles less noticeable.” A bit mouthful but you got me with the word beautifying, haha. I checked online if there are reviews about it and I saw a video in youtube (Check her video at She seemed convincing so I bought it for Php258.


20131008-030857.jpgLucky for me for watching that video because the product doesn’t come with any instructions. Upon opening the pot, you’ll see this light green cream that reminds me of a green tea flavored yogurt that I once ate at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. If you smell it straight from the pot though, it’s too minty that you can’t sniff it for a long period of time because it will irritate you. Good thing though that it doesn’t smell as much when it is applied to your face.

20131008-031020.jpgWith a clean face, I spread the product lightly all over my face. It stings a bit on some part of my face but it’s not too scary and it’s really tolerable. Then I spread more until it looks opaque. Wait for 10-15 minutes until it totally dries up.

20131008-031134.jpgThen I washed it off with water. Yeah, I didn’t peel it. I tried but I doubt that the product is meant to be peeled because it doesn’t come off that easily. So like in the video in youtube, I just washed it off. 

20131008-031235.jpgI have just used it a while ago. I had a pimple that totally dried up after using it. Helps dry up pimples, check. But it didn’t dry up my entire face. I really think that it brightened up my face too. So far, so good. I will try to use this mask before I go to sleep every other day or everyday if I don’t feel lazy.😛

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