I just received my first Glamourbox 5 days ago and I have mixed emotions on this. First, it’s a bit more expensive than the BDJ box; Glamourbox is Php595 while BDJ box is Php580. I know that it’s a mere Php15 difference but I was perplexed when I was charged an additional 10-15 pesos on my debit card like I just made an international charge. Well, I didn’t dispute it and just moved on.

So let’s cut the intro and see for yourself if it’s worth Php595 (600-ish for me).

The box of Glamourbox is a bit bigger than the BDJ box (must be the Php15 difference, lol)

For December, Glamourbox’s theme is “Secret Santa”… I think I was nice the entire year… Really, I am.

On the other side of the card is the list of box’s contents

Do not be deceived though; read it carefully. The prices are for the full-sized version of the products included on the box. The only full-sized product on the box is the Avon perfume and honestly, I’m quite surprised of its price… a whopping Php1500. Really???

I’m not a fan of Avon perfumes but the Only Imagine smells really nice that I might even try using it. I also like the pink and purple packaging and the fluffy purple tutu that I thought was a scoungie.

I also find the necklace from Fabulosa very cute and I think it will look nice to wear on a Christmas party/dinner. It’s a good conversation starter due to its gift-shaped pendant. This is a plus on Glamourbox because I haven’t gotten any kind of jewelry yet from my BDJ box.


I’m a fan of liquid bath soaps so I’m happy to get The Cream Factory’s Bath Cream (221ml). But I almost gagged when I first used it due to its overwhelming scent.


I’m quite satisfied too with the Holika Holika Pure Mellow Multi Puff; a cute purple dupe of the Beauty Blender’s famous sponge:

I also can’t wait to try these 2 samples from Paula’s Choice:


I have been using BB cream for a year now instead of the usual L’oreal True Match Foundation that I used before. I would love to try this Holika Holika’s CC cream (I-dont-understand-Korean ml) for a change:


And lastly, the only product that I will definitely not use (and that’s because I don’t cook, lol)… Giving it to my mom at this very moment… Zen Zest Kitchen Fragrance in Choco Cappucino (50ml)


I would have loved love it if there is a make-up included on the box. Fine, it has the make-up sponge but a lippie inside the box won’t hurt, right?