So apparently I won’t be getting any BDJ box for November because I inadvertently chose “Send as a gift” that’s why I got 2 boxes for October. They considered my September 9 subscription as another October subscription (which I thought will be for the November box). Honestly, it is still quite confusing because if it takes almost 2 months to get a box (as indicated on their website), why did I still get another October box even if it was already September. Anyhooo, they offered for a refund if I return the box. Since I don’t want to go through the hassle of shipping it back (I’m too lazy to return online purchases), I just shared the love to family and friends. I also asked if I can still subscribe for the November box. I’m willing to pay anyway because I just want that November box. Rona of BDJ box said that the November box is no longer available. No empathy and such. No considerations. It’s not like I’m asking for a freebie, na-ah. I just felt off because the email responses I received were quite “transactional” and a bit dismissive as if they were canned responses with no emotions. I’m not expecting for an apology but I’m expecting for at least an empathetic reply (apology vs. empathy: see the difference) even if I will still end up not getting the November BDJ box. I felt like I was such a dunce after reading the email. Customers should not feel stupid (even if they are, like me). Customer Service 101.

Hopefully, they will be able to develop a system wherein before finalizing the purchase, the subscriber will be able to know the month/s that s/he will be subscribing to. And that my dearies is called Poka Yoke. Currently, you have to email them to verify this information which is a waste of their time and resources. It would have been easier if the information is readily available online. And that my bellas is called Lean Thinking.


So for next month, I’ll just take my bitter pill.
Go ahead and post online the unboxing of your November BDJ boxes.