Birchbox partnered with Mad Men to come up with a beauty box, on top of the regular one, this month.

You see, I’ve been loving Mad Men lately and have been binge watching on Netflix. Who doesn’t love the dapper Don Draper, the vixen Joan, the poised Betty and the preppy Peggy?! I love their clothes, their make-up and their accessories that I was even thinking of channeling their fashion sense once I start working again, lol.   

I started from Season 1 last month and now I’m on Season 6, woohoo!

So dainty!
Joan is fierce!
Joan told Peggy to stop dressing like a little girl on this scene. But honestly, I like this blue dress!
Betty said what I feel about the Mad Men characters

So Mad Men basically influenced my decision a lot on why I got the Birchbox for April 2015. For $10, why not give it a try.

The box is pretty!
Hello there, smoking Don Draper! It seems like almost all of the characters in Mad Men are smoking, drinking and having extramarital affairs , lol
A brief description of what’s inside the box and their prices if bought in full size.
The other 2 items are inside the green Birchbox box.
For the hair…
For the body…
For the face as highlighter…
For the lips…
A sample perfume
Three of the 5 items can be considered deluxe/travel size. 

I am not sure though which Mad Men character has inspired this box. I was thinking of Peggy because of the MLBB lipstick and the body wash. For all those who didn’t know Peggy, she was a secretary of Don Draper turned copywriter because she’s smart and ambitious. She works so hard and play hardball with the men around her. She wears considerably simple clothes for that era and wears barely there makeup. 

I can see Peggy in me. But I can be Joan too if I want to, *wink*.

***All Mad Men photos are screen captured from the series***