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Unboxing: April 2015 Ipsy

It’s my first beauty box here in the US! Of course, I was excited when I got it! I love subscribing to monthly beauty boxes back in the Philippines (please see the category Beauty Box for my previous posts) so it’s just right to maintain my tradition, lol.


The famous pink bubble wrap! So fab!
I love the straw pouch! It feels like home for me! We have a lot of products like this back in the Philippines.
I can say that most of my clothes and accessories can be best described as boho chic-ish. One thing that I noticed though is that they don’t have an insert that will itemize what’s inside the box.
First Item: I’m not familiar with the brand but it’s great because it’s in full size.
I love the shade of this blush! I’m actually on a lookout for a new blush. I haven’t swatched it yet though.
I am not really a fan of lipglosses. I used to when I wasn’t adventurous yet with the color of my lip products but not anymore. I now prefer really pigmented and long-lasting lipsticks.
This smells nice. I would also like to assume that I am indeed SOPHISTICATED and SENSUAL. 😝
I like getting facial serums on my boxes
I love The Balm! I was actually thinking of getting this palette so it’s cool to try one of the shades in this palette.
Sophisticated… Sensual… and FLIRTY!!! Yeah, it makes sense, lol! I absolutely love this shade! It looks wearable but with an oomph because of the shimmer.
I answered my profile quiz differently after I got this because I didn’t realize that you can choose several answers on some of the questions. I was really hoping to get that Too Faced Melted Lipstick so I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t have this on my box.

Better luck, next time.



It’s an organized chaos and it took several takes to get the perfect image. Whew!

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