I am thankful to be so blessed!

If you haven’t read this and that, then you have to, hehehe. These are my previous posts where I announced that I won something.

Guess what? I won again!


So for those who don’t know what Influenster is, let me try to explain it.

By signing up to their website (you can go there thru my referral link) you will get surveys on your email or on their app. Based on your answers, they will determine if you are qualified for an upcoming campaign. If you are qualified, you will get free, yup, FREE or COMPLIMENTARY products. Just blog, tweet or basically post anything on your social media accounts about the products that you have received and your corresponding product reviews. Don’t forget the disclaimer that the “product was complimentary for testing purposes”.

They also have several contests that you can join to win sweeeeet stuff like what I did. I was aiming for the Keurig really, a lot of the Influensters got one, but a megabox is still awesome!

Sweet sweet prizes!!!

Fun isn’t it! I can’t wait to get my paws on my prize! 🐾