Using this


After (without the sponges)


A downside, for me, when using the Parian Spirit make-up brush cleaner is the citrus scent. I personally don’t like it because I find it overwhelming. But to each his own. Some people might find it smelling “clean”. I can only assume that that is the reason why the company chose that particular scent because it can be connected to something that smells “clean” like clothes taken straight out from the washing machine.

What happened to the sponges? I decided to just throw them away and buy new ones instead. They’re not the expensive type anyway. I bought the diamond-shaped sponges in Tony Moly and the odd-shaped sponge is by Holika Holika which was included on my December 2013 Glamourbox. I tried the make-up brush cleaner to clean them but it didn’t work. So I tried an antibacterial dishwashing soap. And here they are…


Yup, it’s time to buy new make-up sponges because those look nasty! 👎💀🙈