Hello Kitty and her twin Mimmy just had their birthday yesterday, November 1. Yeah, they were “born” and not in Japan but in England. British kittens, how lovely!

So to celebrate the birthday of my favorite cat, let me post my review about my new makeup palette that I got this week: the Hello Kitty Wild Thing Makeup Palette

Bought it from an online seller (ig: mycalishopper) for Php1100. I have been checking Sephora website for years and have been wishing for this makeup palette for as long as I can remember but we don’t have Sephora here in the Philippines and their online shop doesn’t ship here too. Boohoo. So I’m such a happy camper when I found out that I can order anything I want in the US from mycalishopper plus the fact that it was on sale! Dreams do come true, eventually.

But why an eyeshadow palette? Didn’t I just say in my last post that it’s my least favorite makeup to put on? Ummm, it’s a unique Hello Kitty item and that always wins in my list.


I like that the container is reusable and super cute❤️



It’s also bigger than a regular dvd case (but not as big as your abs, Mr. Hiphop Abs! *hihi*)

It has 12 eyeshadows, 1 “pen pal” (felt tip) eyeliner and 1 compact mirror.

A closer look:


For the purpose of this review, I put a number on each eyeshadow.

Here are the swatches wherein #1 is the one on top then #12 is the one on the bottom:

More swatches (grouped into 4):



#2 and #9 have matte finish while the rest have shimmer. #3 is super pigmented and I can’t wait to use it! Thinking of using it later while watching the movie “Thor” at the mall but that miiiight be too much, don’t you think?
I immediately tried this on when I got it a few days ago using my Ecotools brushes by using #s 1 (under the eyebrows), 4 (crease), 10 & 11 (on the lid) and 8 as a bottom eye liner. Aren’t I a wild thing, using 5 eyeshadows at the same time?! …And that’s the only closest to an adventure that I experienced for years.

Now let’s move to the other makeup found on this palette; an eyeliner.



I love using felt tip eyeliner! It’s easy to use, more pigmented and stays on longer than the pencil type.


But this Hello Kitty eyeliner is thicker compared to the Maybelline felt tip eyeliner that I use so when I applied it, I messed it up a bit so it became thicker and the wingtip “just happened” because I didn’t deliberately intended to do that from the start. It is also not as dark nor pigmented so I had to reapply.

And last but not the least, the cute compact mirror…


The eyeshadow palette is something you use for a night-out partying. It’s the Hello Kitty in you that doesn’t purr. It’s the Hello Kitty that roars.